How to cook barley porridge with stew

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Barley porridge - not everyone's favorite dish. And the main reason is not at all in its taste. The reason lies in the fact that not everyone can cook it correctly. The process of its preparation requires more time than cooking other cereals. However, the result is worth it - porridge turns out incredibly tasty, fragrant and, most importantly, useful and nutritious.

By the content of essential trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, it surpasses other types of cereals. She is the leader in the content of phosphorus and selenium. Especially such porridge is recommended for elderly people and children, because it enriches the body with useful substances, in particular with micro and macro elements, vitamins. The caloric content of 100 grams of pearl barley boiled in water is 109 calories.

In cookbooks, there are a huge number of recipes for barley porridge. This is a universal cereal, which can be cooked with sugar and butter, adding fruits - bananas, apples, dried fruits, and filling with honey, jam, jams. Serve such variants of sweet porridge can be with dairy products. Many kids will not remain indifferent to such a tasty breakfast.

No less tasty pearl barley It turns out with all sorts of vegetables and various types of mushrooms - mushrooms, chanterelles, white and others. The dish is more tender and light. Also, porridge can be served as a side dish for meat or fish.

Showing imagination, you can come up with many recipes for making barley. The ideal is this gruel in combination with meat products. It can be meat steaks, cutlets, meatballs, chops. If you have a slow cooker, then try to cook porridge pearl barley with stew in a slow cooker.

Optimal for the duration of cooking, availability of ingredients and taste is the recipe for barley with stew. Barley porridge with stew - an incredibly easy to prepare dish.


water 4 glasses
pearl barley 300 gr
carrot 1 piece.
onion 1 piece.
stew 1 Bank (400 grams)
vegetable oil 30 gr
salt, black pepper to taste


1. Pearl barley rinse and soak for at least 3 hours. Before cooking, drain the water and dry the swollen cereal by placing it in a colander.

2. Pour the prepared pearl barley with water and set it on fire. After the water boils, reduce the heat and boil another 10 – 15 minutes.

3. In the meantime, clean the onions, wash them and cut them into small pieces. Carrots are also washed and rubbed on a medium grater.

fried onions in a pan

If desired, add a couple cloves of garlic.

4. We take a frying pan with high sides, put it on the fire, pour in vegetable oil. You can use the fat that is available in the stew. Spread sliced ​​onions, grated carrots.

5. Add the stew - chicken, pork or beef (of their own accord).

stew in the pan

6. With pearl barley, which is still undercooked, pour out the water and add it to the vegetables fried in a pan. Fill 1 with a glass of boiling water.

7. Do not forget to put salt, black pepper and other spices to taste.

When choosing stew, give preference to a quality product. And remember that a real stew should not contain any other components, except meat, onion, salt, spices and water. When choosing a homemade stew, pay attention to the appearance, smell.

stew in the bank

8. Stir and cover with a lid. On low heat leave to languish on 25 – 30 minutes until ready.

all the ingredients in the pan

9. You can add stew for 10 minutes before the end of the cooking process, but, putting it earlier, you will allow the barley to absorb the aroma and taste of meat. Barley porridge with stew is ready. Serve with marinated or canned vegetables. Decorate with fresh, finely chopped greens. Cooked according to this recipe, barley with stew is perfectly complemented by hot spicy sauce based on broth, cream or vegetable broth and spices.

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If suddenly there was no stew at home, here's another cooking option - barley porridge recipe without her.

Updated: 03.12.2018

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