Recipe for pearl barley porridge with stew in a slow cooker

ready made pearl barley

Barley porridge is one of those simple dishes that are cooked very rarely. Many consider this porridge rude, tough and tasteless. But the main reason is that the barley itself is not tasteless, but the fact that not everyone can cook it. Yes, in comparison with other types of cereals, it cooks a little longer, but the benefits of it are enormous. Barley contains a huge range of useful elements. These are vitamins, fiber and essential micronutrients. Also in its composition there is a large number of amino acids. The main ones, among which, contribute to the production of collagen in the body. And he, in turn, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. No wonder pearl barley - This is the porridge of "youth."

Barley is famous for its low calorie content. That is why it is part of the various dietary systems. It is recommended to use athletes, those who are engaged in losing weight and just want to be healthy. With its help, you can adjust the work of the digestive system and lose weight. 100 gr. pearl barley has an energy value 324 gr. But no one, after all, does not use dry cereal! The calorie content of pearl barley boiled in water is only 106 kcal in 100 gr. ready meals. Harmful to the body with moderate consumption will not be, since toxic substances in its composition are absent.

In most cases, the barley is cooked in the traditional way, on fire. But thanks to modern technology, the best assistant in its preparation is a slow cooker (pressure cooker). Boil barley porridge with this "miracle technology" can be very simple and fast. It is enough to prepare the necessary products, put them in a container and run the program. In addition, you can choose the time when porridge will be ready (function “Delay start”). Especially light in cooking is barley with stew in a slow cooker. You can also replace buckwheat pearl barley and cook buckwheat porridge with stew in a slow cooker.


Pearl barley 2 multistaka
Beef or pork stew (1 Bank) 480 – 525 gr.
Onion (Medium Bulb) 100 гр.
Carrots (medium sized root vegetable) 100 гр.
Water 5 multistacks
Vegetable oil 30 гр.
Salt and spices

ingredients and multicooker

The quantities of products that you take for barley porridge for cooking in a slow cooker can be changed, but the proportions should be observed.


1. Pearl barley is presoaked in cold water. Ideal for the night, but the minimum time is 3 hours. Then the process of making barley takes less time and porridge will be much softer. Water needs to be taken in 3 times more. And the capacity too. This croup has a tendency to swell and grow in size.

2. In a multicooker container in vegetable oil fry vegetables - onions, carrots for 15 min. under the mode of "Frying / Deep Fat". Optionally, you can add 1 tomato (medium size) or 2 tsp of tomato paste. After frying 5 minutes in the Redmond multicooker, reset the program. Depending on the model of multicooker, cooking modes, time, temperature may differ. You better, you know, the characteristics of your slow cooker, so adjust the cooking time yourself.

sliced ​​onions and carrots

3. Add the stew to the prepared stewed vegetables. Beef stew is best combined with pearl barley, but you can use any other - pork, rabbit meat, poultry. If you like fish more, then instead of meat, you can put canned fish. Especially delicious with fish in tomato. It all depends on your taste and preferences. Both factory and home canned foods are suitable for use. But be very careful and cautious, give preference only to quality products without unpleasant odor and the slightest trace of mold, with a suitable shelf life.

stew in the bank

4. Add cereal, pre-fill it with boiling water on 2 – 3 min. Such a measure will finally get rid of bitterness in the croup.

stew with onions and carrots

5. Fill water into the tank and set the mode "Quenching / Pilaf", "Buckwheat", "Porridge". In the Multicooker Redmond for the preparation of this recipe you need 1 h. 20 min. In some types of multi-cookers, the mode “Porridge”, “Pilau” is automatic and it will continue to work until the liquid evaporates completely.

6. For 15 minutes before the end of the cooking process, the barley should be salt and add various spices to taste (black pepper, hops-suneli, dried garlic).

stew with grits

7. After the readiness signal, the barley and braised meat are mixed and left in the “Heating” mode for another 10 – 20 minutes. Protomet (steamed).

Video recipe

Now barley porridge with stew, so easy to prepare and fragrant, can be laid out on plates and served to the table, garnished with greens (dill, parsley). The dish is harmoniously complemented and tasty with both fresh and canned vegetables. You can also cook pearl porridge with stew recipe without multicooker.

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Updated: 01.09.2018

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  1. Alla

    Previously, she did not like barley at all. Uncle once bought a tourist breakfast, where the barley was with a stew. I like it. Since then, she has been cooking this delicacy. Thanks for the idea of ​​canned fish, did not try.

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