Recipe for making barley with vegetables in a slow cooker

ready-made barley

Pearl barley is a valuable, richest source of minerals, vitamins, micro and macro elements, amino acids, which are extremely important for health. Surely, everyone has heard about the beneficial and even healing properties of barley porridge. However, few people are in a hurry to buy it, to cook, because associations arise with dry tasteless porridge in their heads. Despite similar opinions about barley, it can be prepared in such a way that it will turn out no worse than delicious buckwheat or rice. There are many simple and original cooking methods. For example, you can cook juicy, tasty and tender pearl barley with vegetables, but not on the stove, and in the slow cooker. Thanks to juicy stewed vegetables, the croup will reveal all its strengths and attractive sides, you will be able to appreciate its many-sided taste palette.

Features of preparation

Barley porridge with vegetables in a slow cooker - a godsend for a healthy and healthy diet. Using numerous recipes of preparation, it is possible to get acquainted each time with new taste of porridge. Barley with vegetables in a slow cooker is very simple to cook. You will need a proven recipe, preferably step by step. As for vegetables, you can take seasonal, as well as those that are always at hand. Many recipes for such dishes suggest using mushrooms, tomatoes and carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, pumpkins, and greens.

Barley porridge in a slow cooker will be very juicy, tasty, fragrant, if you pay attention to the attorneys and reliable recipes. In addition, it is important to follow the rules of product preparation, to carry out proper heat treatment.

It is important to remember that pearl barley is different from all others. It represents a particular value. Given that it contains a lot of protein, it is directly involved in the construction of body cells. In addition, it has a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins and healthy fiber.

Before you cook porridge from such cereals, it must be washed and soaked in water for eight or ten hours. The advantage of cooking in a slow cooker is that you do not need to soak the grits. It is enough to rinse with running water. The best mode of cooking barley porridge in this kitchen appliance - "Krupa". You can also use the "Quenching" feature. The total cooking time will be forty five minutes. In some cases, cooking may take one hour.

Given the huge range of recipes such porridge, it is important to choose one that can please your tastes and desires. For example, you can cook a delicious and very soft barley with vegetables.


Onion 1 head
Carrot 1 thing
Pearl barley about 70 gram
Water 200 milliliters
Olive or sunflower oil 1 tablespoon
Garlic one clove
Green beans 50 grams
Salt ½ tsp
Spices, black pepper, greens to taste

This number of products is designed for two full servings.


1. Prepare the ingredients according to the suggested list. Pre-soak for ten hours will help to reduce the duration of cooking of cereals. You can also use instant barley, which does not need to be soaked. Rinse with running water.

barley in a bowl

2. Then you can do the preparation of vegetables. Onions clean, chop finely.

chopped onion

3. As for carrots, it should be cleaned, washed in water and slightly dried. Grate it or cut into cubes.

sliced ​​carrots

4. Insert the slow cooker into the socket, pour a certain amount of vegetable oil into the container. The optimal mode for roasting vegetables in this kitchen appliance is “Frying”. Send onions, carrots to the slow cooker for five minutes, stirring occasionally. If you start to burn, you can pour a few spoons of water.

sliced ​​onions and carrots

5. Then peel the garlic, pass it through a special press. Add to the container together with the string beans for three minutes. If the beans are frozen, it is not necessary to defrost them beforehand.

sliced ​​onions carrots and beans

6. After that, pour prepared pearl barley into the bowl of the multicooker, stir. Fry for three minutes.

vegetables and pearl barley

7. Then turn off the set mode. At this stage, you can lightly salt the dish, add spices.

salt in a spoon

8. Close the lid of the kitchen appliance. Set the function of "Quenching" or "Porridge." The cooking time is about 40-50 minutes.

multicooker panel

9. When the porridge with vegetables is ready, you will hear a beep. Do not open the lid for fifteen minutes, let the dish infuse and exchange flavors.

Video recipe

Barley - this is useful, valuable porridge, which can be prepared very tasty, if you follow the appropriate recipe. The cooking process is unusually simple and simple, and if you use the slow cooker, your participation is minimized.

Updated: 24.01.2019

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