How to cook in a multicooker pearl barley with beef

Ready Barley in a plate

Tsar's porridge - the so-called barley in Russia. Today, this cereal has been undeservedly forgotten and is not popular with housewives. However, with the appearance in our homes of such a useful unit as a slow cooker, the preparation of barley has become easier and more and more often it is being prepared for lunch or dinner. Barley porridge with meat in a multicooker will not leave anyone indifferent. The dish turns out fragrant, nourishing and useful. Also try cooking buckwheat porridge in a slow cooker with meat.


Beef 450 grams
Carrots 3 pieces
Olive oil 1 tsp
Bulb 1 thing
Garlic 3-4 cloves
Potatoes 3 pieces
Pearl barley 1 glass
Vegetable or beef broth 1,25 l
Fresh Rosemary 1 tbsp.
Fresh Thyme 1 tbsp.
Flour 2 tbsp.

Course of preparation:

1. Install a multicooker (as in the recipe Perlovka in the crock-pot) at the maximum temperature at 5 minutes. In standard models, Redmond or Polaris is the “Baking” mode. Add olive oil and finely chopped onion.

Onion in a multivariate with oil

2. Measure out the 1 glass of pearl barley and rinse it. When cooking porridge in a slow cooker, it is not necessary to pre-soak the cereal, you can immediately lay it in the bowl.

A glass of cereal

3. Peel the garlic. To prepare the barley with meat, garlic can not shred, and put it in the pan as a whole.

Add barley and garlic

4. Slice the remaining vegetables. Carrots - in large circles, and potatoes - in cubes. Add the vegetable mixture to the bowl. At the same time pour into it vegetable broth.

Sliced ​​vegetables

5. Cut the herbs (thyme and rosemary) and mix with flour. You can put a little green to decorate the finished porridge.

Sliced ​​greens

6. Cut the beef across the fibers into small pieces. Slightly beat off the meat - so the beef loses its rigidity and cooks faster. Roll the pieces in a spicy mixture of flour and herbs.

Beef with flour and spices

7. Place beef in a bowl, salt to taste and mix all the ingredients. Close the multicooker lid and select the mode for cooking cereals in the menu. In models of Redmond or Polaris - this is the mode "Buckwheat." Usually, the time allowed for cooking porridge is enough to pearl barley and beef become soft - this is 40-50 minutes.

Dish in a multivariate

Next, you need to transfer the multicooker to the “Heating” mode. This is necessary so that the croup absorbs excess liquid and the aroma of herbs and garlic is revealed. So the barley with meat in the slow cooker will be tastier than in the pan. Usually the unit automatically switches to heating. But if you need to set this mode manually, perform the following manipulations: click on the “Preheat” button, set the “0 hours” time. Then it remains only to detect 15-20 minutes on regular hours and disconnect the equipment from the network after this time.

Video recipe

The meat barley in the crock-pot in this video is slightly different from the prepositional recipe, but the dish turns out to be equally tasty and useful. Enjoy your meal!

If this recipe is too complicated for you, our advice is pearl barley cooking recipe which would be a good alternative.

Updated: 02.02.2019

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