Recipe for making Barley Meat

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Barley porridge, cooked with juicy and tender meat, is a very tasty, satisfying and healthy dish. The recipe of cooking is extraordinarily simple, but at the same time original and non-standard for those who are used to eating buckwheat, oatmeal and rice. Thanks to a detailed step-by-step recipe, equipped with colorful photos, even the beginning hostess will prepare the barley. The secret of success lies in a very small detail - in soaking barley. To do this, the cereal is poured with warm water for eight to ten hours or for the whole night, and in the morning boil porridge.

Phased cooking technology

Barley porridge with meat - a nourishing, tasty and nutritious dish. Using a step-by-step recipe with a photo, the cooking process is greatly simplified, and the chances to cook crumbly, fragrant, wholesome and tasty porridge increase.

Barley porridge with meat can be cooked with vegetables, stew, chicken, beef, pork and even lamb. To the barley with meat turned out juicy and not fresh, it is better to give preference to fatten meat.

It’s not that barley meat is a great option for a festive table, but it’s a great idea for a hearty and balanced lunch. Recipe for barley porridge with meat is quite simple. It involves the use of a minimum amount of products.


Pearl barley 160 grams
Pork (pulp) 200 grams
Water 500 milliliters
Onion 1 head
Carrots 2 pieces
Salt ½ tsp
Black pepper, spices to taste

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The algorithm for cooking barley porridge with pork:

1. For this recipe, you can use instant pearl barley, it is packaged in portioned sachets. Such cereals have a huge plus - they do not need to be washed or soaked. If you are using conventional barley, do not forget to rinse it under running water and soak for 8-10 hours. Immerse the pearl barley in the pan, fill with water. Send the pot to the stove. Salt the water and wait for boiling. After that, reduce the gas to a minimum and continue to cook porridge for twenty-five minutes.

barley in a bag and a spoonful of salt

2. While the porridge is cooked, there is no need to waste time, you should prepare the pork. It must be thoroughly washed, dried and cut with a sharp knife into equal pieces.

sliced ​​pork

3. Take a skillet with high sides, pour in vegetable oil, send it to the stove and warm it up carefully. When the oil is hot, send the meat to the pan.

meat in a pan

4. In the meantime, take a bow, peel it, cut into thin half-rings. After ten minutes of roasting the meat, you can add chopped onions. Then peel the carrots.

meat with onions in a pan

5. Using a grater, rub the peeled carrots or cut into long, thin slices. After that, add it to the onions with meat, mix thoroughly and salt. You can pepper and add your favorite spices, as well as bay leaf. The pan should be closed with a lid, then vegetables with pork for fifteen minutes.

meat with onions and carrots

6. Do not forget about pearl barley, it should be cooked in twenty-five minutes. Using a fork, remove the bags from the pan, put them on the plate. To pour it into the pan to the meat, carefully cut the tops of the bags. Put the cereal to the meat. Spoon even the porridge, add enough water to cover it. Close the lid, continue to simmer the dish on low heat for half an hour. It is important that all the liquid is evaporated.

barley in the pan

7. Tasty, healthy and crumbly porridge with meat is ready. It is great for garnish and independent dishes. Such a mess will appeal to absolutely everyone.

Video recipe

With the help of the proposed step-by-step recipe with a photo, you can quickly cook a hearty lunch, dinner. Porridge cooked in this way is tender, juicy and appetizing.

Updated: 11.08.2018

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