How to cook barley with onions and carrots

barley with carrot on a plate

Barley porridge is a unique, tasty, healthy and nutritious dish that is not particularly popular with the modern population. However, if you knew how useful barley dishes, you probably would have revised their views in relation to this type of porridge. First of all, it is necessary to note that pearl barley is the richest storehouse of energy that is released rather slowly. In addition, pearl barley is a smart tool to combat obesity and overweight. It has a laxative effect, which guarantees a sedative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. If you make a barley correctly by adding vegetables to it, then it will play with new colors and be able to impress you with its original taste and aroma.

Cooking technology

Barley porridge with carrots and onions is a fairly simple and affordable treat in preparation, which is perfect for a family lunch or dinner. In the preparation you will be helped by the presented step-by-step photo recipe.

It is very simple to prepare pearl barley, but it is important that it is tender, soft and boiled. This will require pre-soaking in cool water for ten hours. It is more convenient to do this in the evening to start preparing the dish in the morning. Such a simple but amazing recipe, like barley pap with onions and carrots, will be able to please with an unusual taste and tempting aroma.


Onion 1 middle head
Carrot 1 thing
Pearl barley about 1 cup
Butter 30 grams
Salt to taste

To make porridge more tasty and rich, it is desirable to cook it in a thick-walled cauldron. If there is no such dish in the house, it does not matter, an ordinary frying pan with deep sides is quite suitable.


1. Prepare all the necessary products for the recipe. Pre-soak the barley in cold water, then rinse and drain the water. Then you need to do the preparation of onions and carrots, they need to be cleaned and washed. Cut into medium pieces. To make the dish very juicy, use more onions.

soaked pearl barley

2. In a pan you need to melt a piece of butter, fry the vegetables for five minutes, sometimes stirring with a spatula.

vegetables in a pan

3. Add to them washed pearl barley, mix thoroughly.

barley with vegetables in a pan
4. Pour a sufficient amount of warm water into the pan, it should cover all products by two centimeters. It is very important. Otherwise, the porridge will turn out raw and hard.

barley in the water in the pan

5. In the next step, salt and pepper the dish, you can add 2 laurel leaf, it will give an appetizing flavor to the finished dish. When the contents of the pan boil, you need to turn down the heat and simmer for fifty minutes.

barley stew under cover

6. The finished porridge will be tender, soft, juicy and incredibly fragrant.

ready-made barley

7. Serve portions, pre-decorated with greens.

Video recipe

That pearl barley porridge It turned out delicious, the barley must first be prepared. This will help to reduce the duration of its cooking and give a delicate texture to the finished dish.

Updated: 12.11.2018

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