How to cook barley porridge with chicken

Ready-made barley porridge with chicken

Barley is a specially cleaned and processed barley grain. A number of competitors among cereals for making porridge is very large, but the high content of vitamin – mineral complexes, protein and fiber make barley porridge the undoubted leader in this list.

In order to make the grits cooked and crumbly, it is recommended to soak it in water in the 8-10 hours beforehand. You can pour the cereal at night with water, and start cooking in the morning. It is recommended to soak pearl barley in the ratio - liter of water per cup of grains (250 ml). Today I will tell you how to make chicken barley.


Pearl barley 200 grams
Chicken breast 300 grams
Bulb 1 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Vegetable oil 100 grams
Salt, pepper, spices to taste


Preparing barley with chicken is easy if you follow our recipe.

Step-by-step cooking

1. We wash pearl barley, preferably several times, pour water overnight.

Washed pearl barley

2. Wash chicken fillet, dry on paper towel and cut into small pieces. Rub with salt, pepper and other spices.

Chicken fillet with pepper

3. Peel the onion and carrot. Dice onions and carrots into strips. If desired, grate carrots through a grater.

Sliced ​​onions

4. Heat the oil in a pan (a cauldron or any thick-walled pot can be used), put the marinated chicken fillet into it.

Fried chicken

5. After the chicken becomes golden, add carrots and onions, fry, stirring occasionally.

Vegetables with chicken

6. Lay the pearl barley in an even layer on top, pre-drain water from it, and pour in broth or water. Do not regret the liquid, as the barley absorbs it well. Pour in water above porridge about 2-3 cm.

Chicken with vegetables covered with pearl barley

7. As soon as the liquid boils, reduce the heat, cover the pot with the lid and simmer the porridge for 45 minutes, until all the liquid has evaporated.

Porridge filled with water

8. Barley porridge with chicken is ready! Before serving, be sure to mix porridge. Barley with chicken is a great everyday dish that will bring new notes to your diet.

Video recipe

Nutritionists advise to regularly eat barley porridge, as it contains many complex carbohydrates that help to saturate for a long time. Cellulose helps the body to clean up toxins. Due to the high content of fiber, pearl barley normalizes the work of the intestine. An additional advantage is the hypoallergenicity of pearl barley dishes. This mess can alleviate the hangover, as well as the consequences after poisoning.

Perlovka - useful cereals, which should be in the diet. It is often included in the medical, sports, baby food. There are many ways to prepare such a product (as in This recipe). Pearl barley is a rich source of valuable nutrients and energy. The main characteristic of barley porridge is its high nutritional value. If you eat porridge made from pearl barley for breakfast, then you will have plenty of energy and energy for a long time.

As additives to barley porridge usually serves meat, various vegetables or mushrooms. It also perfectly combines various tomato or cream sauces.

For improved metabolism and activation of brain activity, it is recommended to use phosphorus, which is found in the largest amount among cereals in pearl barley.

We advise you to try to cook such a dish - barley porridge cooking recipe which you will find with us.

Updated: 03.06.2018

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  1. Elena

    Made according to your recipe. The first time the barley I have turned out delicious, not solid. Household rated. I will cook it now more often.

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