How to cook in a slow cooker pearl barley porridge with chicken

Ready Barley

The barley is barley grain purified and processed by special technology.

The amount of vitamins, mineral complexes, proteins and fiber allows this croup to become a leader among a very large number of competitors. An important advantage of barley is low cost and widespread availability.

The most famous cereal of pearl barley, it is often found in a variety of diets (especially medical), used in the diet of young children, valuable as a component of the nutrition of adolescents. The main characteristics of barley porridge are its healing properties, high level of nutritional value, relatively low calorie content. Breakfast, which includes pearl barley porridge, will give a charge of vivacity and add strength that will last until dinner.

So, let's proceed to cooking our dish - barley porridge with chicken in a slow cooker. If you want to replace chicken with mushrooms, here is the recipe for you barley with mushrooms in a slow cooker.


Pearl barley 1 multistak
Water 4 multistaka
Chicken's meat 250 gr
Onions 1 piece.
Carrots 2 piece.
Salt, vegetable oil, spices to taste

Preparation course

1. It is recommended to pre-pour pearl barley with plenty of water for a while (from 2 to 8 hours). This makes the cereal softer and shortens the cooking time.

Washed cereal

2. Peel and finely chop the onion. Carrots cleaned and three through a large grater. If desired, you can cut carrots into cubes or straws.

Sliced ​​onions

3. At the bottom of the multi-cooker pot, pour vegetable oil, switch to Baking mode (minimum time - 40 minutes). Cover the chopped vegetables, close the lid and fry for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Vegetables in a multivariate

4. Wash the chicken, cut into pieces of the same size, rub with spices, salt. Add the chicken fillet to the vegetables and fry to the signal.

Vegetables with chicken

5. Pearl barley rinse under running water, put on top of roasted meat and vegetables in a slow cooker. Pour water so that it covers the cereal. Barley perfectly absorbs the liquid, so do not feel sorry for the water. In addition, the “Pilaf” mode, in which our porridge will be cooked, is characterized by the fact that it evaporates a lot of water. Therefore, use the proportion of 1: 4 - so porridge get tastier. In the Redmond multicooker, the Pilaf program is among the tame ones, so set the time to at least 60 minutes.

Dish covered with water

6. I have a Panasonic multicooker and I poured a lot of water, so the cooking time was 1 an hour.

Ready Barley with Chicken

Delicious and nourishing barley with chicken in a slow cooker is ready!

Video recipe

To make barley more tasty, you can add various components to it. It can be meat, vegetables, greens, spices. You can also use all kinds of sauces to add flavor.

Like oatmeal, barley contains a large number of important vitamins and mineral complexes. Croup is famous for its leading amount of phosphorus among the rest of croup, which helps to improve metabolism and activate the brain. For those who are on a diet, barley is useful in the presence of complex carbohydrates, which for a long time support the feeling of satiety in the body. This porridge is suitable for cleansing the body of toxins due to the presence of fiber, which is responsible for setting the proper operation of the intestines. The product is hypoallergenic. They can treat a hangover, as well as the effects of poisoning.

Cooking tips

There are many tricks to cook delicious crumbly porridge from barley. Requires preliminary preparation of cereals. In order to get well-cooked cereals, it is necessary to pre-pour it with water for up to 12 hours. The proportions for soaking pearl barley in water are approximately as follows: one glass of grains (250 ml) is poured with a liter of water. After the right time has passed, the cereal can be cooked as an ordinary porridge. You can also fry barley grains before cooking.

If you are cooking porridge on a regular stove, then the cooking process will take approximately 50 minutes. You can reduce this time to half an hour, but in this case be sure to wrap the pot of porridge with a warm towel for about twenty minutes. Some recipes offer to make barley using a water bath. This cooking method takes about 6 hours. At the same time porridge turns out incredibly tasty.

Multicookers are now gaining much popularity (as in This recipe) to save time and prepare healthy dishes. Any recipe can be adapted for cooking in multivariate. This cooking method allows you to do other household chores while cooking. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients, load them into the multicooker bowl and turn on the appropriate mode. The advantage of this miracle technique is that it allows you to save most of the useful elements in the ingredients after heat treatment.

Cook with pleasure and pamper your household with tasty and healthy food. Enjoy your meal!

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Updated: 19.11.2018

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