The recipe for barley porridge with mushrooms

ready-made barley porridge with greens

The basis of a healthy human diet is a variety of cereals. They are used as a delicious side dish, hearty main course. If you learn how to cook them correctly, experiment with the original recipe, you will understand that porridge is the most useful, tasty and quick dish to prepare. One of these is barley, which few people love and know how to cook.

Pearl barley for many is associated with a dry taste and the absence of any features. As a rule, it is cooked without any additional ingredients and on the water. It is important to remember that barley is very useful for the health of the human body. And if you cook properly, for a good recipe, you can find that it is incredibly tasty and nutritious. It is best to cook it with additives. These can be: vegetable saute, mushrooms, meat, fish. Mushroom pearling is a special dish that deserves a place on your dinner table.

An important step in the preparation is the selection of pearl barley (more will find here). It is sold packaged or by weight. Pay attention to its color. Groats should be with a golden hue. The main thing is that there are no black dots, blotches. Look at its general condition, the kernels should not stick together. Now you can find a huge number of recipes for its preparation. You will be presented with a proven recipe. Namely - barley porridge with mushrooms. The divine taste, smell, look - that's what you get from this recipe.


Croup perlovaya 2 glasses
Onion 2 piece.
Carrots 1 piece.
Mushrooms (champignons) 300 grams
Butter 40 gr
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
Salt, pepper, spices to taste
Greens, fresh vegetables for decoration


1. The most important step is to choose good, high-quality grits. You pour it on the table, sort it out, get rid of spoiled grains and garbage.

pearl barley on the table

2. The next important step - wash it under running water with a sieve.

washed pearl barley

3. Put the barley in the bowl, fill with purified water at room temperature. Leave on 40 minutes, according to the recipe. Then drain the liquid with a sieve. After that, pour 4 glasses of water into the pan (1: 2 ratio). Put on the stove, make medium heat, salt and add vegetable oil. When the water boils, pour the cereal. Turn off the fire. After 20 minutes, fragrant pearl barley is ready. Remove from the stove and add butter to the butter, which will enrich the porridge.

pearl barley in water

4. Starting refueling. Peel carrots, rinse in water. Rub on a fine grater.

grated carrots

5. Peel the onions. Slice into half rings. Transfer to a platter and scald with boiling water.

onion in half rings

6. Well washed mushrooms in the water. Slice them into slices.

mushroom on the board

7. Pour the vegetable oil on a hot frying pan, warm it. Fry onions 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add carrots, fry for five minutes. Take mushrooms, send to vegetables, salt, pepper. Fry until all the liquid has evaporated. It takes 8 minutes. Then add barley to vegetablesmix it up. Cover and simmer 10 minutes.

all ingredients in a pan

8. Porridge with mushrooms is ready. You can serve this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Spoon the plates. Decorate with fresh greens, vegetables and enjoy the spicy aroma, taste of cereal. Barley with mushrooms will become an indispensable dish in the diet of your family. Healthy, nourishing, tasty dish - what could be better!

Follow the cooking techniques described in the recipe, and detailed photos will help you with this. Your household will appreciate such a gruel.

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Useful Properties

Barley is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients that play an important role in improving the human body.

  • Groats are saturated with vitamins: A, E, B, PP, D. Contains carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, essential amino acids. It consists of: iodine, bromine, nickel, calcium, iron, potassium.
  • It is a valuable dietary product. Effectively helps in the fight against obesity. Barley is useful for obesity, diabetes. Caloric value is 320 kilocalories per 100 grams of the finished product.
  • It improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the body, enriches the blood with oxygen and eliminates it from cholesterol plaques.
  • Strengthens the immune system, improves the complexion and skin, rejuvenates. Strengthens nails, hair, making them smooth and silky.

Harmful properties

There are contraindications to the use of barley porridge. This product must not be abused. It is not recommended to introduce it into the diet more often 2-3 once a week.

  • This croup is considered to be difficult for digestion, therefore you should know the measure and not abuse it, as complications may arise.
  • Children to enter into a diet not earlier than attaining three years of age.
  • It is contraindicated to use during pregnancy.

Updated: 27.10.2018

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  1. Elena

    Insanely tasty ... and very very satisfying !!!! For those who cook for one and do not plan a week to eat this wonderful porridge, I advise you to reduce the proportions =)

  2. Yanina

    Loved the recipe! thank

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