How to cook in a slow cooker pearl porridge with mushrooms

cooked porridge in a bowl

Most people at the mention of pearl barley, wrinkled face. And they are completely wrong. Pearl barley is amazingly tasty and incredibly healthy cereal provided it is cooked properly. An additional bonus is its low cost and availability (which is very important against the background of the current economic situation). Pearl barley represents barley grains, which remain whole, but undergo special cleaning, as well as polishing. Our ancestors highly appreciated this croup, it was not for nothing that its name was due to the visual resemblance to freshwater pearls.

One of the simplest recipes for making pearl barley porridge is barley with mushrooms in a slow cooker. For convenience of preparation, we will use a slow cooker, in the modern world - a completely indispensable thing in the kitchen. The resulting porridge will differ amazing flavor and appetizing appearance. If you do not have a multivarki, here is a recipe for you barley porridge with mushrooms without the use of multicooker.


Pearl barley 1 multistak
Bulb 1 large
mushrooms November 300, XNUMX
Vegetable oil to taste
Salt and spices to taste

ingredients on the table


1. First you need to soak the cereal. Usually cold water is used for this. The recommended time is from 4 hours to days. It helps to quickly prepare barley porridge.

soaked cereal in a bowl

2. Wash mushrooms and chop. Usually it is recommended to use fresh champignons, but I added fresh frozen mushrooms, the porridge from this did not become worse. Also chop the onion. Turn on the slow cooker to the “Baking” mode (for other models, this may be the “Frying” mode) and put the chopped onion into the pan. It is recommended to fry 15 minutes, until the onion turns golden.

chopped onion

3. As the onions are ready, add the mushrooms (it is better for frozen mushrooms to let them stand for a while to melt, so the mushrooms will roast rather than steam in the slow cooker) and fry for about 10 minutes.

mushrooms with onions

4. After the onions and mushrooms are fried, add pearl barley (pre-drain the water in which it stood), salt and various spices to taste.

pearl barley in the bowl

5. Pour the multi-cup of water into the 4 pan, switch the slow cooker to the “Pilaf” mode (for other models, this can be the “Fire” mode) and wait for the ready signal.

all ingredients in water

Barley with mushrooms in a slow cooker is ready. You can determine the readiness of pearl barley porridge by its appearance and overall consistency - if the pearl barley is well cooked, it will be soft, but non-uniform, the grains will be easily separated from each other, and the general appearance will be crumbly.

ready-made barley

Video recipe

Pearl barley contains almost all the necessary vitamins for the body, an extensive amount of trace elements. Due to the presence of vitamins from group B, pearl barley porridge will help in ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous system, will give a healthy look to the hair and cleanliness of the skin of the face. The presence in the croup, and consequently, porridge, vitamin A, has a positive effect on human health, improving his vision, plus additional protection against infections. Vitamin E will help prolong youth, and vitamin D will help give extra strength to your skeleton and teeth. If we consider the composition of trace elements, it is extensive - it is iron, calcium, copper with iodine, the most useful is phosphorus. Perlovka record holder in the amount of phosphorus in the croup, ahead of the rest of the cereals in half.

Phosphorus itself ensures normal metabolism, brain function and excellent muscle work (for this reason, phosphorus is an important trace element in the nutrition of athletes). But this does not end the list of useful substances in pearl barley. Another important and necessary in pearl barley is the amino acid lysine. Among its main advantages, it is antiviral effect, energizing and preserving heart health, participation in the synthesis of collagen, due to which skin smoothness and elasticity is provided, and also prevents the appearance of wrinkles. And that is not all! Pearl barley porridge includes a sufficient amount of fiber, through which toxins and slags are removed from the human body.

And for women, a special bonus is the presence of a substance that does not allow excess fat to remain on our sides. Here are the benefits of a simple barley porridge. But to get all the bonuses from its use is possible only in the case of proper preparation.

For confidence in the availability of cereal, you can leave the porridge for minutes on the 30 on the function "warm-up" (automatically turns on after cooking). Serve with fresh or pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. Barley porridge with mushrooms cooked in a slow cooker is an excellent dish to dilute your regular menu for a week. I hope you liked the recipe. Cook with us and enjoy your meal !!!

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Updated: 06.07.2018

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