How to cook barley porridge with beef

finished barley on a plate

Few people like to cook barley because of its taste and long cooking. However, if you properly cook this cereal, you can get an incredibly tasty, fragrant, rich dish. This product requires a special approach in cooking. In addition, this cereal is considered one of the most useful and nutritious.

There are several tricky ways to help reduce the duration of cooking. To this end, the rump must be soaked in cold water for twelve hours, preferably from the evening. In the morning, you can drain the remaining liquid, wash the grits with warm water and proceed to cooking. An unusually bright, tasty and juicy dish is barley porridge with vegetables and beef. The dish will appeal to absolutely all your household, as it remotely resembles pilaf.

Features of preparation

Beef barley is a simple, satisfying, tasty and balanced dish that can be prepared for lunch or dinner. The beauty of this dish is that it can be prepared in several ways, each of which is good in its own way. Barley porridge with beef can be cooked on the stove, in a slow cooker, in pots, as well as in a microwave oven. As for cooking in pots, this method is the most original and interesting, since the dish is stewed in its own juice in the oven. If you do not have the opportunity to cook barley with meat in pots, feel free to use the usual stove, it will turn out just as good.

Pearl barley with vegetables and tender beef is a very rich, tasty and juicy dish. Although it is necessary to spend a lot of time on cooking, the final result is worth it.


To prepare, take the following ingredients:

Beef, veal about 200 gram
Pearl barley 1 glass
Sunflower oil to taste
Carrots 1 piece.
Onion 1 middle head
Soy sauce to taste
Pepper, salt and spices to taste

As for kitchen equipment, you will need a cutting board and a knife, a frying pan, a plate and a saucepan.


1. Pre-soak pearl barley in cold water for ten or twelve hours. After the specified time, rinse it thoroughly, then pour it into the pan and pour 1,5 glasses of warm water.

pearl barley in water

2. Then it is necessary to salt to taste, cover and send to the stove. Stew gruel on the slowest fire for fifty minutes. Considering that the minimum level of fire is used, the pap will be tender, boiled soft and soft. During cooking porridge should do beef. It is necessary to wash and dry, then cut into cubes. Do not forget about vegetables, they should be cleaned and washed in water. Onions cut into four parts and finely chop. As for carrots, it should be grated or cut into strips.

chopped vegetables

3. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan, heat and fry the meat for ten minutes. After that, stir it, continue to simmer over low heat for another fifteen minutes, so that it becomes juicy and tender.

meat in a pan

4. In the process of roasting meat will begin to produce a large amount of juice, it is quite a normal and natural process. After each slice is roasted evenly, pour a tablespoon of high-quality soy sauce into the meat. Stir thoroughly, then add the chopped vegetables.

meat with vegetables in a pan

5. Cover the pan with a lid, stew the dish for ten minutes. When onions, carrots are heat treated, they will become much softer and more tender, but they will crunch. After that, you need to pour boiled water, it should completely cover the contents of the pan. Optionally, add black pepper in the form of peas and bay leaf, the aroma will turn out just divine.

meat stew with liquid

6. Simmer under the lid closed for sixty minutes. Ideally, the meat should break down into fibers. When the pearl barley is fully prepared, drain the remaining water.

barley in the pan

7. After the beef is cooked, it needs to be combined with barley. Thoroughly mix and extinguish over a minimum of ten more minutes.

barley with meat in a pan

8. Serve the finished dish in portions, decorated with herbs and vegetables.

Video recipe

Prepare barley porridge is simple. It is enough to use the proposed step-by-step recipe and high-quality, fresh products, then the finished result will not only please you, but also surprise you with a stunning taste.

Updated: 01.10.2018

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