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Pearl barley not very popular in modern families, as it was replaced by buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. Few people prepare barley, despite its enormous health benefits and shape. Some believe that barley porridge is heavy and tasteless, but this opinion is wrong. The dish turns out incredibly tasty, nutritious, fragrant and useful, if you cook it correctly. To diversify the diet and to please family members with a new dish, you can take note of the pearl barley with minced meat. It turns out very tasty, satisfying and appetizing.

Features of preparation

Parsley with minced meat is a tasty, healthy and satisfying dish that is very easy to prepare. Few people love such cereal in its pure form, so there are special recipes that help fix it. Despite the fact that the recipes are similar to each other, each of them has its own peculiarity and zest. The dish will be more delicious, bright and unusual, if you cook it with seasonal vegetables and minced meat.

Numerous recipes offer to use not only minced meat, but also whole pieces of meat: chicken, pork, lamb and veal. However, recipes with minced meat are easier. Dishes are tender and airy, but at the same time nutritious and balanced.

It is important to note that barley porridge with minced meat is a nourishing, tasty and very fragrant dish. No wonder cereal was one of the favorite in the diet of Peter the first. Barley contains many vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, as well as valuable mineral elements. If you cook the dish correctly, you can love it.


You will need the following ingredients:

Pearl instant about 80 gram
Minced pork 100 grams
Water 250 milliliters
Onion 1 head
Carrot 1 thing
Salt ½ tsp

minced carrot onion pearl


1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients, according to the proposed recipe. If you do not have a lot of free time, you can use fast cereal. It has many advantages. Besides the fact that it does not need a preliminary long soaking, such barley does not stick and does not stick to the bottom of the dish. In the pan, you need to pour a certain amount of water and salt, then dip into it a bag of pearl barley.

barley in water in a saucepan

2. While barley porridge is boiled, you can start cooking minced meat. It is advisable to use the pork, as it will turn out juicier and more appetizing. You will need a deep pan with high sides. Pour some vegetable oil into it and heat over high heat, then transfer prepared minced pork into the pan.

mince in a pan

3. Peel the onions, wash under running water and chop into small cubes. After five minutes, add to the mince and mix. At the same time, add ground black pepper, it will give a spicy and rich aroma, savory flavor.

mince with onions in a pan

4. Next, you need to do carrots, clean it, wash and grate. At will it is possible to chop slices, cubes. Add to the pan and stir. Simmer over low heat for at least ten minutes, stirring occasionally.

carrots with minced meat in a pan

5. For twenty-five minutes, barley porridge should be cooked. It will turn out gentle and friable. Remove the bag from the pan, cut and transfer the contents to the plate.

barley on a plate

6. After that, the barley should go to the pan to the minced meat and stewed vegetables. It is necessary to pour in hot water so that it covers all the ingredients for at least one centimeter. Cover the pan and simmer for another twenty-five minutes.

barley in the pan with minced meat

7. Ready pearl barley with vegetables and minced meat is a tasty, nourishing, juicy, aromatic and very nutritious dish, which is great for a family lunch or dinner.

barley ready meal

Video recipe

Prepare such a pearl bar easy, just take the proposed idea on the note and start cooking. In addition to excellent taste, pearl barley has many useful and even healing properties, and also helps to lose weight and normalize digestion.

Updated: 28.05.2018

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