Recipe cooking in a slow cooker barley porridge

ready-made barley porridge

Cooking pearl barley in a multicooker is a real pleasure. You do not need, as usual, to stand by the stove and constantly mix. The only task is to prepare the ingredients and load them into the kitchen unit. Porridge will be very tender, crumbly, tasty, and, most importantly, insanely useful. In the process of cooking, all nutrients and nutrients in the croup are preserved, and then they enter the human body. Lean barley porridge, cooked in a slow cooker according to a very simple recipe, turns out incredibly tasty and appetizing. Most people do not like barley and dishes from it, because it needs to be cooked for a long time. So, to cook a tasty dish, spending a small amount of time, you need a proven recipe and a slow cooker.

There are a lot of recipes for cooking lean porridge made from pearl barley, however, we will need one that is designed for a multicooker. It is important to observe the technology of preparation and proportions in order to prepare not only a wholesome and satisfying dish, but also a tasty one. Barley contains many vitamins, fiber and protein. To make it more juicy and tender, you can add fried mushrooms and onions. Recipe barley with mushrooms and onions can see the link.


The recipe in the slow cooker will require the following foods:

Croup perlovaya 2 glasses
Water 4 glasses
Fresh mushrooms 600 grams
Onion 1-2 heads
Salt pepper add to taste
Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons


Step by step cooking dishes in a slow cooker with photos:

1) To make a tasty and crumbly porridge, take an 2 cup of cereal. Rinse under running water to remove dust and debris. Fill with warm water and leave for 30-40 minutes.

cereal in a bowl of water

2) Peel the bulb. Cut into thin slices or cubes.

chopped onions on a board

3) When choosing mushrooms, pay attention to their smell and color, it is important that they are fresh! Wash them in cold water. Cut into large pieces. By adding mushrooms to pearl barley, you can cook an incredibly tasty and delicious dish that is impossible to resist.

sliced ​​mushroom on the board

4) Connect the multicooker to electricity. Pour in vegetable oil, select the "Multipovar" or "Frying" function. Pick the right temperature, namely - 160 degrees. Warm up the oil. Fry the onions and mushrooms for 10-15 minutes. Then put it in the bowl.

fried onions and mushrooms

5) According to the recipe, you need to pour pearl barley into the multicooking container, pour warm water and salt to your own taste. Continue cooking in Multi-cook mode. If you do not have this function, you can use the mode "Porridge". Cooking temperature - 140 degrees. Duration - 35 minutes. After a specified time, the barley leans back in a colander, and then comes back.

grits with water in a slow cooker

6) Add the fried mushrooms and onions to the porridge. Salt and pepper slightly. Continue cooking for 45 minutes at 90 degrees.

cereals and ingredients in a slow cooker

7) After hearing the sound alert, you can open the lid and serve. Aromatic, hearty and delicious dish is ready! Do not forget to decorate with fresh greens.

Video recipe

If you decide to use the proposed idea, then you should know that barley porridge is rich in many useful and nutrients that are beneficial to human health.

Useful Properties

Barley has a rich chemical composition that can affect the human body beneficially. The benefits of cereal is as follows:

  1. A storehouse of vitamins: B, K, D, A, PP, E.
  2. The caloric content of 100 grams of ready meals on water is about 106 kilocalories.
  3. Contains an important amino acid for the human body - lysine.
  4. It contains acids such as silicic, nicotinic, and folic. It should be noted that folic acid plays an important role in conception and during pregnancy.
  5. There are trace elements such as iodine, selenium and calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, magnesium and potassium, and chromium.
  6. It helps to lose weight, cleansing the body and improving metabolism.
  7. Barley porridge is a natural antioxidant. It strengthens the immune system.
  8. It improves memory and brain activity, significantly increases concentration.
  9. Qualitatively cleans the blood and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, eliminates harmful cholesterol and reduces the risk of plaque.

Harmful properties

Before you enter the dish in your diet, make sure that you do not have contraindications. Main limitations:

  1. Period of pregnancy.
  2. The presence of constipation, as well as flatulence.
  3. Increased acidity of the stomach.

The list of prohibitions is not very large, so if you do not belong to this group, you can safely enter the barley porridge into your diet.

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Updated: 27.11.2018

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