Recipe for Barley Porridge with Milk

cooked porridge with butter

Most people are accustomed to cooking porridge with buckwheat, millet, rice, decoy, but not with barley. Did you know that barley porridge with milk was the favorite dish of Peter I? To date, this porridge has ceased to enjoy its former popularity. Now they cook only pickle from it.

For many, this porridge is associated with a viscous, dry, tasteless dish. However, if properly cooked, it will turn out fragrant, crumbly and pleasant to the taste. In addition, pearl barley unusually useful cereals. It contains many vitamins, nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates. Effectively fights viral infections thanks to its lysine. Try also barley porridge recipe delicious breakfast.

To pearl barley boiled soft, it must be properly cooked. You will be presented with a time-tested recipe, according to which, before cooking, the barley should be soaked in water for 11 hours, preferably overnight. It is necessary to observe a proportion - 1 a glass of cereal is filled with 1 with a liter of water. Barley porridge will be cooked in a special, royal recipe.


Croup perlovaya 200 gr (1 glass)
Milk 2 glasses
Butter 30 gr
Salt pinch

Phased cooking

1. Choose a quality product. Prepare the cereal. You sort out, get rid of spoiled grains, garbage. Put on a colander and rinse with water.

pearl barley through a sieve

2. Pour the cereal with one liter of water. Leave for 11 hours, preferably at night. So, it will turn out crumbly and quickly cooked. In the morning you can prepare a healthy breakfast according to the proposed recipe.

water poured over

3. In the morning, drain the water. Take a sieve, wash the grits with running water.

wash the cereal with water

4. Put the pot on the stove. Pour milk, add salt, boil. Pour the washed cereal. In parallel, put a pot of water in order to cook in a water bath.

pans with water and milk

5. Put the saucepan in the saucepan and simmer the 6 clocks on low heat.

cooking cereals in a pan

6. After 6 hours open the lid and stir.

cereal after cooking

Video recipe

Useful Properties

Barley is very useful, nourishing for human health. It is called a natural antibiotic, it effectively fights viruses, fungi, and infections. It is rich in beneficial microelements, vitamins, minerals.

  • Source of vitamins: A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9. Inexhaustible storehouse of useful substances and minerals: phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, manganese, iron.
  • Nutritional value of barley: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, starch, ash, fatty acids and water. On 100 grams of dry cereal accounts for 315 kilocalories.
  • The source of youth, beauty, health. Thanks to the lysine contained in it, which produces collagen, makes the skin taut, elastic, smooth and elastic. Lysine is responsible for preserving the heart and preventing colds.
  • Properties: cleansing, enveloping, blood-purifying, diuretic, antibacterial, expectorant, tonic.
  • It contains fiber, so it helps cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, harmful substances. Improves the work of the stomach, intestines. Normalizes peristalsis. It normalizes microflora.
  • It is a dietary product, thanks to which you can throw off extra pounds, bring your body into shape. Helps to keep it in shape.
  • Charges the body of energy, vigor, good mood, strength, longevity.
  • Normalizes the activity of the nervous system, improves brain function. Warns nervous disorders, nervosa, depression, panic attacks.
  • Improves immunity, strengthens teeth, nails and hair.
  • Doctors recommend to include in the diet barley porridge with such diseases: inflammation of the pancreas, chronic colitis, a stomach ulcer.
  • With its help, carry out the prevention of diseases of the liver, digestive system, urinary system.
  • Recommend for oncology.

Harmful properties

Despite such an abundance of useful properties of barley porridge, it is necessary to observe the measure and not abuse the product. It is possible to use such porridge no more than 3-4 once a week.

It is not recommended to use barley during pregnancy. Also, you should not eat it if you are concerned about frequent constipation. It is forbidden to use barley with increased acidity of the stomach.

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Updated: 21.07.2018

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  1. Evgkny

    I just grind the barley in a coffee grinder into flour and cook Kaka 5 semolina minutes. Fast, tasty and healthy, as the minimum heat treatment.
    On 420 ml. milk 45 gr. pearl barley

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