Pearl Barley Porridge Recipes

29 new recipes:

Barley porridge is a dish of boiled cereals (barley). Interesting is the fact that in nature there is no cereal called pearl barley. Pearl barley is produced by peeling from the shell, such whole grains as barley. And this grain has a lot of useful substances that are present in porridge. Perlovka is a large amount of group vitamins, and (13 mcg in 100 grit), B (23 mkg), K (2,2 mkg). It has barley porridge and useful trace elements - manganese, zinc, iodine, calcium, iron, copper. A phosphorus and potassium in two times more than in other types of cereal. Also, such cereals can boast of low calorie - 109 Kcal (recipe cooked in water). The energy value of the product is a detailed ratio:

  • proteins - 3,1 g;
  • Fats - 0,4 g;
  • carbohydrates - 23
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