How to cook porridge in the microwave

ready-made porridge with apples

There are some kinds of cereals, which simply cook on a gas stove in a saucepan. These are cereals like rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and semolina. Another type constantly burns to the bottom or tries to "escape." With such cereals it is necessary to be more attentive. It is important to constantly be at the stove, stir and monitor the level of fire. Such dishes include porridge made from corn, barley, millet, wheat and barley grits. Due to the nature of the preparation of such dishes, they are considered rarer guests on our table. It is important to know that the listed cereals are incredibly useful. They contain a number of important elements for the healthy functioning of the body.

Porridge can also be cooked in the microwave - this is a big time saver, as there is no need for a constant vigil around the cooker during the cooking process. In order to cook dish in the microwave was ideal, it is necessary to observe the strict proportions of all components and cooking time.

Any porridge has certain cooking characteristics. You need to know such subtleties to cook delicious dishes. For example, even with the recipe, cooked rice porridge will stick slightly. In order to relieve the millet grain from the bitter taste, it is necessary to hold it for a while in cold water beforehand, and then rinse thoroughly more than once. Barley necessarily soak in the evening, and cook in the morning. Then the process of cooking in a microwave will take less time. When cooking semolina constantly stir porridge to prevent sedimentation of grains on the bottom and the appearance of unnecessary lumps.

In the process of cooking in a microwave oven, porridges tend to splash. This can be prevented by pouring no more than half of the capacity of the liquid. When cooking, you can use not only water, but also milk, but it is worth considering that in this case it will be necessary to extend the cooking time, since the milk does not boil in the microwave, but only languishes. I want to offer my recipe for cooking such a simple dish like oatmeal in a microwave. You can also cook semolina in the microwave.


Oatmeal (Hercules) 2 Art. spoons
fresh Milk 1 glass
Sugar 2 tsp
Apple 0,5 piece.

food ingredients


1. In the capacity of pouring rolled oats.

Hercules in a bowl

2. Fill it with a glass of fresh milk (the flakes should be completely covered).

rolled oats with milk

3. Pour the required amount of sugar and mix to distribute it evenly.

rolled oats with milk and sugar

4. We put in the microwave for a start on 3 minutes (at maximum power). We take out the dish and mix it thoroughly, put it in the oven again. In 3 minutes the dish is ready!

5. Decorate porridge cooked according to this recipe from above with a sliced ​​apple.

Video recipe

Oatmeal will help you gain strength for an active day. About the benefits of oatmeal can talk endlessly. It is nutritious and satisfying. It contains all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Cooked right oatmeal recipe Helps gently cleanse the digestive system without adversely affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

Cooking oatmeal in a microwave does not take long. Prepare porridge with milk, garnish it with fruit and enjoy a balanced, nutritious, aromatic breakfast. The microwave is very convenient for quick cooking, so here's a recipe for you buckwheat porridge in the microwave.

Updated: 07.10.2018

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  1. Irina

    The first three minutes went well, for the second three minutes everything ran away.

  2. Anna

    Everyone has different microwaves, in my 3 minutes the milk will be maximally warm

  3. Larissa

    A very entertaining way to make oatmeal. I will definitely test it at leisure. Sugar just will not put. I do cook oatmeal without water at all.

  4. Oksana

    If the author cooked porridge on milk in the microwave, he would know that the milk runs away, especially at maximum power!

  5. Tatyana

    I never thought about such a method of cooking oatmeal. For me, this is a godsend. Always in the morning I don’t have time to do it, and such cooking saves a lot of time)

  6. Maria

    A really quick way, but is such porridge useful for very small children, or is it still better to cook oatmeal in the traditional way?

    • Nicholas

      And how can oatmeal cooked in the traditional way differ from oatmeal cooked in a microwave? Do you think that microwaves magically remain in the product or destroy the structure, for example? It is safe.

  7. Timur

    A good recipe, sugar can be 1 spoon

  8. Konstantin

    okay coming out! nothing runs anywhere less than ten minutes - porridge is ready. Printed recipe in the form of tablets
    and stuck on the fridge.

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