Recipe for oatmeal porridge with apples on milk

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Oatmeal is the most delicious and healthy breakfast that will give you a charge of vitality, energy and good mood for the whole day. If you use oatmeal regularly, at least four times a week, you can prolong life and improve your health. To oatmeal was not fresh, it can be varied with all sorts of additives - nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, fresh fruit. This breakfast will be even healthier and tastier. Very tasty is the oatmeal porridge with apples, and if you add a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon, then the dish will play with bright colors and get a piquant taste. Also try cooking rice porridge with apples according to another recipe.


Oat flakes 60 grams
Milk 1 glass
Water 1 glass
Sugar 4 teaspoons
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon
Apple 1 thing
Butter 20 grams


1. An important stage is the choice of flakes. Choose high-quality and proven products. Measure out the right amount of flakes and pour into a plate.

2. Apples are better to take green and sweet. Wash them, cut into cubes. If desired, peel off.

sliced ​​and peeled apples

3. Many cook oatmeal in the water, so it turns diet. If you cook it with milk, you will get a nutritious, satisfying and tasty dish. Place the saucepan on the stove and pour fresh milk into it. Bring it to a boil. Turn down the heat.

milk in the pan on the stove

4. Milk salt, add half the sugar. Then gradually pour the flakes and stir.

milk and cereal in a saucepan

5. Cook porridge until cooked, stirring constantly. Cooking time will be 12 minutes. Then cover the pan with a lid and let it brew.

6. Remove the pan from the stove. Put a frying pan in its place and heat the butter. Pour the apples into the pan. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Fry apples for three minutes, they should be crispy, but soft. Make sure that the apples did not turn out puree.

apples in a pan

7. Apples add to the oatmeal, stir, sprinkle with cinnamon. Oatmeal with apples is ready. Arrange on plates, decorate with pieces of fruit jelly. Can be served with hot tea or coffee.


I want to advise you another similar recipe - oatmeal with banana.

Video recipe

Tasty, healthy, nourishing and nutritious cereal is the best start to the day. Such oatmeal will appeal to absolutely all children and adults. From the given amount of ingredients, 6 portions are obtained, so you can feed the whole family. Cooking time is no more than 40 minutes. To diversify this gruel, feel free to replace apples with other fruits or berries. Perfectly suitable banana, raspberry, apricot, strawberry, pear. You can mix with nuts and cottage cheese, you get a healthy dessert.

Oatmeal porridge with apples is a great way to gather the whole family at the table. All your household will appreciate your efforts and will ask for supplements. A unique combination of apple, cinnamon and oatmeal will make the dish perfect. Sweet, fragrant, with a caramel hint of porridge will give you a wonderful mood. During cooking such oatmeal tempting fragrance spreads throughout the house. Few people can resist such a dish. Prepare oatmeal porridge with a proven recipe and enjoy the result.

The benefits of herculean porridge

Bunting (more here) is known worldwide for its beneficial and healing properties. Nutritionists recommend to use it in the morning to the body gain strength. Also, it is considered the most useful among all other cereals.

  • Hercules porridge is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Vitamins: PP, K, A, E, B1, B2, B6. Minerals: iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese and sulfur. Important organic acids: niacin, nicotine, pyroxin. This dish contains fats, carbohydrates, proteins and a large amount of fiber.
  • Due to its fiber, oatmeal has unique properties. It cleanses the body and intestines from harmful substances, fats, slags, toxins, mucus. It improves the microflora, restores the work of all internal organs, accelerates peristalsis and metabolism. Helps to get rid of bloating, gas. Contributes to weight loss.
  • Positive effect on the heart. It reduces cholesterol in the blood, helps to get rid of anemia. Interferes with formation of blood plaques.
  • A beneficial effect on the general condition of the body: strengthens the immune system, improves appetite, normalizes sleep and the nervous system. Helps to fight depressive moods.

Harmful properties

Despite all the useful qualities of this product, there are some restrictions to use:

  1. Allergic reactions, individual intolerance to the product.
  2. Abuse can harm your health, namely, bone deformation and osteoporosis.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to add to the diet of patients with celiac disease.

If you did not have apples on hand, to your attention milk corn porridge recipe without them.

Updated: 11.04.2018

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  1. Christina

    Sometimes I like to cook Hercules porridge with apples. It turns out very tasty, useful and satisfying. And before the cinnamon as in the recipe, I did not guess! I'll have to try tomorrow!

  2. Lida

    I cook such oatmeal with pears. The other day I tried it with a quince. Both options are good, and in no way inferior to what is with apples.

  3. Alain

    I cook such porridge in a slow cooker, it saves time very much - poured oatmeal, filled it with milk, set the program and was done. But I never tried apples, thanks for the recipe!

  4. Frankjax

    With apples really tastier!

  5. Asya

    Kashka, of course, turns out to be delicious, but it is difficult to talk about the benefits of a dish with half a pack of butter fried in a frying pan ...

  6. Basil

    Tired of eating lean oatmeal, so I decided to find out how to replace it, and I stumbled upon this recipe. I will continue to eat oatmeal, only with great pleasure.

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