How to cook lean porridge

ready lean oatmeal

For cooking traditional porridge for breakfast, you can use an excellent and indispensable kitchen appliance - a slow cooker. With it, you can pamper yourself and your beloved household healthy food during Lent. As for oatmeal, it turns out incredibly aromatic, tasty, healthy and very rich. Using the slow cooker, you will save time, get a healthy and quick breakfast for the whole family.

Lean porridge in a slow cooker is cooked according to a simple recipe on water. Many are accustomed to using recipes that use milk, but if necessary, you can do without this ingredient. To make the dish richer and more nutritious, you can add ingredients such as apples, bananas and other fruits. The aroma will give a variety of spices. This dish will take pride of place on your table. The use of a multicooker for implementing a recipe in life will allow you to preserve all the nutrients and useful substances of cereals, as well as vitamins and minerals (magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, iron, potassium and others). One plate for breakfast can work wonders, as it adds strength, vitality and energy for the whole day.

For cooking useful and delicious oatmeal porridge must follow certain rules and know the subtleties of cooking dishes. In order for the dish to acquire a bright and rich taste, as well as a tempting appearance, it is important to use the secret techniques indicated in the recipe. Always use berries, fruits, dried fruits, spices and additives to make delicious oatmeal, especially if you are cooking it in water. The finished dish is significantly transformed, and you get the original cereal salad with berries and fruits.

Cooking in a slow cooker allows you to get a healthy and tasty meatless dish. Sugar can be easily replaced. natural honeyand also add soaked raisins, prunes and dried apricots.


So, for the preparation of porridge will need the following food (the number of ingredients indicated for a special multi-cup, which is available in the slow cooker):

Oatmeal flakes 2 glasses
Water 3 glasses
Apples (sour) 2 pieces
Cinnamon 1 teaspoon
Raisins for decoration
Brown or white sugar 1-2 tablespoons
Salt ¼ tsp


Step-by-step cooking process with detailed photos:

1) First you need to do apples. Wash the apples thoroughly and dry. Cut in half and cut the core. If desired, remove the peel. Then cut it into medium cubes. You can grate, but so the fruit is very boiled and will not be felt in the finished dish.

diced apples

2) Finished oatmeal can be decorated with apples. To do this, cut it into thin and beautiful slices.

sliced ​​apples in slices

3) Start cooking porridge. Rinse the flakes with a sieve under running water, load it into the container. Add chopped apples, ground cinnamon, salt and sugar, a pinch of vanillin. Pour the required amount of warm or hot water. To make porridge more useful, replace sugar with natural honey. However, it is added to the ready and warm dish, so that honey does not lose its useful properties.

all the ingredients in the slow cooker

4) Close the multicooker lid, select the appropriate function for cooking. The duration and temperature of cooking is determined automatically. The standard duration is 25-30 minutes, depending on the model of the kitchen appliance. Best of all, the “Milk porridge” function will do. During the cooking process it is not necessary to open the lid and check, as there will be a drop in temperature pressure.

front panel in the slow cooker

5) Hearing the sound notification about the end of cooking, you can safely open the lid and enjoy the unreal aroma. Oatmeal is ready!

cooked porridge in a bowl

6) The finished dish is a great idea for a healthy and balanced breakfast. Serve with apples, cinnamon sticks, raisins, or other dried fruits, as well as fruits.

Video recipe

This is useful to know! If you have little time in the morning and you do not have time to prepare a full breakfast, use the “Delayed Start” function, which starts cooking automatically at a specified time. To do this, load all the ingredients in the bowl in the evening and select the desired mode. In the morning you can enjoy a hot breakfast! Use the unique method of cooking standard oatmeal.

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Updated: 28.08.2018

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