The recipe for oatmeal-rice porridge

ready oatmeal rice porridge

Many people are accustomed to using one type of cereal for cooking a particular dish. Few people decide to experiment, create original recipes and mix several types of croup for one recipe. Kashi is an important element that must be present in the diet. A mixture of oatmeal and rice is a unique, rich and original source of vitamins, micro and macronutrients, as well as nutrients. In addition, this combination is incredibly tasty.

With the help of these croup, you can effectively cleanse the entire body and intestines. To do this, enough to adhere to a special diet and diet. If you cook porridge with milk with the addition of rice, you get quite an original dish. It is worth trying for those who watch their figure, want to be healthy and energetic. The complex of oatmeal and rice will help to clean the gastrointestinal tract, as well as fill the body with energy and vitamins for the whole day. Another diet recipe.


The recipe for making oat-rice porridge in milk contains the following ingredients:

rice 8 tablespoons
Oatmeal 4 tablespoons
Milk 100 ml
Water 400 ml
Salt to taste
Butter 15 grams
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Fruits and berries for decoration


For cooking porridge with milk, you can use step-by-step photos and tips:

1) Prepare all listed ingredients. For the proposed recipe, use quality round grained rice. Measure out the right amount, put it on the table and reassemble it. Remove trash, tainted pips and stuff. Send in a bowl, rinse with water.

washed rice in a plate

2) Do the same with the Hercules flakes.

washed cereal in a plate

3) Then combine the washed cereals in a plate.

washed cereals in a plate

4) Take a convenient and solid pan, pour the cereal into it. Pour boiling water over 400 ml, salt and mix thoroughly.

cereal in a pot of water

5) The fire level should be maximized. When the water boils, reduce the heat.

boiling water in a saucepan

6) Let 10 boil for minutes, then pour in the milk. Cover the pan tightly.

pan covered

7) Dish will languish for about 30 minutes. For 5 minutes before readiness, you can open the lid so that excess liquid will evaporate.

cooked dish in the pan

8) Porridge with milk from two cereals is ready for use. Serve to the table, pre-decorated with fruit. This is not only a rich, healthy and healthy breakfast, but also an excellent means to cleanse the intestines. With this dish you will be able to throw off those extra pounds and improve your appearance!

Video recipe

Cooking recipes very much. Such cereals are boiled in water, broth and milk. The combination of oatmeal and rice has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Everyone knows that slags, stones, toxins and other harmful substances that must be removed from the body can accumulate in the human intestines. Kashi is an excellent tool for cleansing the intestines and the whole body.

The recipe for making oat-rice milk porridge is quite simple, but very old, because at present it is practically not cooked. Also, buckwheat goes well with oatmeal. If you want to be healthy, it is important to include buckwheat porridge in your diet, as well as oatmeal and rice. These cereals will be excellent options for a balanced nutritious breakfast.

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Updated: 13.07.2018

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