Oatmeal without cooking

Breakfast should be nourishing, useful and energized for the whole day; that is exactly what it will be like if you make oatmeal in the morning. Many may have a different attitude to her taste, but no one will argue about the benefits. It contains a large amount of dietary fiber necessary for proper functioning of the digestive system, a whole bunch of vitamins and trace elements that make us beautiful and healthy, as well as easily digestible proteins that help control weight and build muscle. However, the energy value of oatmeal is 400 kcal for every 100 e eaten, so it gives vigor and a feeling of satiety for at least half a day. This means that all this time you can easily do without snacking and not gain extra calories.

Most nutrients are found in whole oat grains, a little less in flakes, and very little remains in the finished porridge if it is cooked incorrectly. This recipe will help to keep the maximum benefit, because the oatmeal will not stew. In addition, it has a terrific taste and will appeal to even those who have previously been an opponent of this delicacy.

For cooking you will need:

  • Hercules - 1 glass,
  • Fresh strawberries - 30 g
  • walnuts funduk - 20 g
  • Fresh Apple Juice - 0,5 glass,
  • Honey or cane sugar to taste
  • Some melted butter or natural yogurt.

Method of preparation:

1. Hercules and half a portion of nuts should be poured with apple juice and left in the fridge for at least an hour, but you can overnight.
2. Heat porridge to warm, no need to boil. Warm food in the morning is much better absorbed, besides, it is much more delicious than cold. Add sugar or honey as much as you need.
3. Cut strawberries into slices and add to the porridge along with the remaining nuts, mix. Optionally, you can pour the top with melted butter or natural yogurt.

Cheerful morning!

Updated: 07.10.2018

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