How to quickly and tasty cook oatmeal on water

oatmeal with dried apricots

Oatmeal on water is traditionally synonymous with the concept of "healthy breakfast."
Porridge has a general healing effect on the human body, has a small rejuvenating effect, and, according to traditional healers, prolongs life. Oatmeal has a high level of nutritional value, it contains vegetable proteins and complex carbohydrates, which are recognized as sources of colossal energy in the body.

Oatmeal porridge has a whole list of beneficial properties for the body: lowers harmful cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, increases the rate of muscle tissue growth, cleans the digestive tract. This cereal is an excellent choice for a nutritionally balanced breakfast for the whole family.


Oat flakes 60 grams
Water 2 glasses
Butter 10 grams
Dried Xnumx handful
Sugar 2 teaspoons
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon

Preparation course

1. Pour oatmeal in a medium saucepan. Pour in cold water.

oatmeal with water

2. As soon as water boils, remove the foam and boil the porridge, without ceasing to mix. The fire should be average. Add sugar.

boiled water and a spoon of sugar

4. As the oatmeal thickens, sprinkle with salt, stir well and cover the lid tightly. Add dried apricots.

porridge with dried apricots

5. As soon as the oatmeal acquires the desired thickness, turn off the heat, put the required amount of butter on top and cover again, let the butter melt and finally mix. Porridge on the water oatmeal ready for serving.

porridge with dried apricots and butter

With a diet, you can opt out of ingredients such as butter, salt. Preparing a pap according to the above recipe, you will get fragrant, tasty and nutritious oatmeal.

Video recipe

In the video below you can see clearly the recipe for cooking oatmeal on water.

13% protein substances and 6% fatty substances put oats in the first place among cereals. Due to the high content of starchy substances, oat products are filled with high nutritional value. The fatty portion of oats contains more unsaturated fatty acids. Porridge on the water, of course, very useful. However, this product cannot be abused. This dish is not suitable for daily use. Otherwise, the following health complications are possible: removal of calcium ions, impaired calcium metabolism and its absorption, imbalance of vitamin D. Eat this dish no more than 3-4 once a week.

Calorie oatmeal on water - 88 kcal per 100 grams. Oatmeal porridge contains gluten, dietary fiber, some vitamins and salts useful for the body. A feature of oatmeal is an increased level of total nutritional value.

Now, knowing how to cook porridge on the water, you can pamper your family with a wonderful, balanced breakfast. Enjoy your meal!

Updated: 24.01.2019

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  1. Anna

    Oops! The first time I read about the dangers of oatmeal. And then everywhere: the British ... Porridge ... every morning ... Thank you. Enlightened.

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