How to cook liquid porridge with milk

oatmeal on a plate

Oatmeal is the most healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast for the whole family. An important advantage of this dish is that you can put a variety of ingredients into it: fruits, berries, nuts. Adapt kashka can be under any wishes and preferences. Everyone knows that oatmeal is extremely useful for a children's, growing organism. But oddly enough, the kids often refuse it. That is why each mummy is obliged to arm herself with the best step-by-step recipe, thanks to which you can cook liquid porridge on milk or water.

Technology of preparation

Oatmeal is famous for its unique, healing properties, since in it, in the process of preparation, most of the vitamins and minerals remain. Hercules contains: protein - 12%, carbohydrates - 65%, fats - 5,8%. In addition, the chemical composition boasts valuable mineral components: phosphorus, iron and chromium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. As for vitamins, there is E, A, K, B. The use of this dish helps to cope with diarrhea. Kissels on the basis of cereals provide a chic enveloping effect, so they are recommended to be introduced into the diet for gastritis, peptic ulcer.

Porridge made of oatmeal or cereal, boiled in milk, water, has a gorgeous taste and healing qualities. There are many ways, recipes and interpretations of its preparation. Oatmeal has many advantages: it can be eaten at any time of the day without harm to health and shape, with its help you can lose weight and improve appearance. The main benefit to the body of oatmeal is that it contains a lot of valuable vitamin A, which is quickly absorbed with milk fats. If you cook oatmeal not on water, but on fresh and tasty jelly, then there will be twice as much benefit. This is due to the fact that the amount of calcium, protein and other useful elements found in milk and oats increases.


Milk 1 glass
Oatmeal flakes with dried blueberries about 35 gram
Sugar and salt to taste
Butter 15 grams

oatmeal, milk, butter, sugar

The list of products and their quantity is calculated for one portion. The cooking time is twenty minutes.


1. After studying the recipe, you must prepare the ingredients. Pour fresh milk into the pan, then send to the stove, it is worth bringing to a boil. Do not forget to stir with a spatula, make sure that the milk does not run away.

milk in the pan

2. When milk boils, add oatmeal flakes to it, preferably with dried berries. It may be cranberries, blueberries.

oatmeal with berries in milk

3. Add sugar, salt to taste and mix thoroughly. Tom on low heat for seven minutes.

add sugar to porridge

4. After that, remove the pan from the stove, cover with a lid, leave for five minutes. This will help the oatmeal to acquire the desired consistency.

porridge in the pan

5. Put the gruel in a little plate.

porridge in a plate

6. To taste, add a little butter so that it becomes richer and more tender.

porridge with butter in a plate

7. As for the final touch, you can add raisins, prunes, nuts and dried apricots.

Video recipe

Oatmeal is the best idea for a healthy diet. Serve hot, pre-decorated with dried fruit or other additives.

Updated: 04.08.2018

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