How to cook oatmeal porridge for milk in the microwave

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Oatmeal is a traditional porridge, which is used to eat for breakfast. There are many recipes, ways, interpretations of cooking Hercules porridge. Often it is cooked on the stove using milk. However, it can be cooked in a slow cooker, oven, and even a microwave. The finished dish can be flavored with a piece of butter, instead of sugar, add honey, as well as various berries and fruits. Oatmeal goes well with apples, kiwi and pears, tangerines, bananas, pomegranate. The method of serving and decoration depends on your imagination, so the usual porridge from oatmeal can appear before you as the next culinary masterpiece. You do not know how to persuade the child to eat oatmeal? Use the suggested step-by-step recipe and cook the dish with love.

Technology of preparation

Hercules porridge on milk in the microwave is cooked very quickly and easily. In just a few minutes you will have a full, tasty, healthy and balanced breakfast. Microwave - a real helper in the kitchen, which allows you to cook quickly but efficiently.

Hercules porridge is the perfect breakfast, which is prepared very quickly. If you use a microwave oven, then the ready dish will turn out not just tasty, but also gentle, useful, extremely fragrant and appetizing. Such healthy porridge can be sweet or salted, with nuts, honey, fruits and berries. If desired, the milk can be replaced with water, then the calorie content of the dish will decrease. The proposed step-by-step recipe for oatmeal in a microwave can be classified as fast, affordable, simple, so it should be in service with every modern hostess.

Do not forget that the oatmeal porridge is very useful, especially for breakfast. It contains slow carbohydrates, they allow you to feel satiety for a long time. In addition, one portion of oatmeal is a powerful source of fiber, healthy fats and protein, which are perfectly absorbed by the human body.


To make a healthy and tasty breakfast, you will need the following products:

Milk 250 milliliters
Butter about 5 gram
Oatmeal flakes 4-5 tablespoons
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste

The number of ingredients is calculated per serving. The total cooking time is seven minutes.


1. To cook healthy and nourishing oatmeal in a microwave oven, you need the appropriate deep bowl. It is necessary to pour 250 milliliters of fresh milk into it.

milk in a bowl

2. Add flakes to bowl. If desired, you can pre-grind them in a coffee grinder.

flakes in milk

3. Add sugar and salt to taste. If you are a sweet tooth, then the amount of sugar can be increased. However, it will be better to replace sugar with honey. So the dish turns out more fragrant, tasty and useful. In this case, the honey is added to the already prepared porridge.

sugar on a spoon

4. Stir the contents of the bowl thoroughly to create a uniform consistency. It is very important that the flakes are lightly covered with milk.

cereal in milk in a bowl
5. Place the bowl in the microwave. Set the maximum power, cook three minutes. So that the milk does not run away, it is not necessary to cover the plate with a cap.

microwave mode

6. When the sound signal, characteristic of the furnace, sounds, it is possible to open a door and to stir a porridge. This step is extremely important and necessary, since the heating is uneven, so the porridge will be damp on the sides. After that, prepare the dish for another three minutes, setting the average power.

7. Before serving, oatmeal should be stirred and add a piece of butter. If desired, add your favorite berries, fruits or nuts, so it will turn out much tastier and more appetizing.

porridge in a bowl

Video recipe

Cooking rolled oats in the microwave is very simple. This will require a minimum of time and products. The finished dish turns out tasty and healthy.

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