Oatmeal Recipe for Baby

cooked porridge in a bowl

The newborn baby, first of all, eats mother's milk, which is very useful and rich in nutrients. During the first months this is the only food for the baby. Despite all the useful properties mother's milkThe time comes when the child needs to be fed with additional dishes, to expand his diet.

The first new dish that will appear in the baby’s daily diet is porridge. This dish is saturated with the necessary carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Many pediatricians disagree when answering the question of where to start feeding a child. Some advise to start with fruit juices, the second - to use vegetable feeding, and others - focus on cereal.

At what age is it worth starting the first feeding? For an infant, the optimal age to start additional feeding is from 5 months to a year (depending on the health of the baby). Among the various recipes from cereals, the second place was taken by oatmeal as a formula for infants (as in This recipe) and as a healthy and nutritious dish.

This porridge is appreciated due to its content of proteins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and vitamins B. An additional bonus is vegetable fats. It used to be in all oatmeal recipes for babies for feeding was included Hercules or oatmeal, now in stores sell children's fast-food cereals. However, oatmeal as a complementary food may not always be useful, it can sometimes be harmful.

Introduction to the diet of oatmeal due to the health of the baby (rapid saturation and the absence of food allergies). The benefit is beyond doubt - the set of vitamins and minerals in it is exactly what a child needs up to a year. The disadvantage of oatmeal is the presence of gluten. It is an allergic protein that affects the digestive process. Therefore, when feeding, it is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the baby, in time to notice allergic symptoms and prevent harm. Also prepare for your baby breastfeeding millet porridge. It is not recommended to use sugar or a lot of salt in the recipe.

Doctors recommend to use oatmeal during pregnancy and lactation. Oatmeal during pregnancy has a positive effect on the intestines and the digestive process.

So, how to cook porridge? Recipes for cooking such a huge variety. I bring to your attention a simple recipe for cooking oatmeal for baby.


Water 150 ml
Milk 250 ml
Oat flakes 7 tbsp.
Salt quarter teaspoon
Butter 30 grams

ingredients for cooking


1. Pour water into a medium-sized pot, pour out salt and boil.

water in the pan

2. After boiling, add a tablespoon of oatmeal to the water over 1 and mix it frequently.

oatmeal in the pan

3. After a short period of time porridge boil. To control, it is worth cooking oatmeal on a small fire and stir it all the time.

4. After the oatmeal boiled, pour in the milk portionwise.

milk in the pan

5. When oatmeal will boil, watch for its thickness - let its consistency be slightly more watery than is required as a result.

6. As you boil it is necessary to stir. When the porridge is ready, turn off the fire, put the butter in it and cover with a lid, to give her the opportunity to later.

oil in the pan

7. Before serving, mix porridge thoroughly.

porridge and spoon

Oatmeal baby ready! You can feed the baby.

Video recipe

If you want something more original, prepare for your loved ones oatmeal kissel recipe whom you will find with us.

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  1. Natalia

    With the introduction of complementary foods, she bought ready-made cereals for the child, but he did not willingly eat them. I decided to try to cook the usual Hercules according to this recipe - the child approved! And I really liked the taste.

  2. Elena

    Thanks for the recipe. I cooked oatmeal porridge for my daughter several times, I didn’t know the exact proportions, the porridge was too thick. According to your recipe, oatmeal for baby made the right consistency. Daughter appreciated.

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