How to cook liquid semolina porridge with milk

ready-made semolina with jam

The recipe for making semolina is quite simple, but at the same time very interesting and fascinating. It is very difficult to spoil it, but it is necessary to know some tricks and secrets of cooking semolina. It is considered one of the most healthy and nutritious cereals, as well as dietary. Semolina is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids that are important in the process of formation and functioning of the human body. There are many recipes for cooking, namely: you can cook it, bake it or even fry it. You can boil it in milk, water or broth. To cook a liquid semolina without any lumps, you must follow the correct proportion and cooking technology specified in the recipe.

Semolina, boiled in milk, is an excellent breakfast for the whole family. The advantages of such a breakfast:

  • benefit;
  • minimum time;
  • minimum costs;
  • good mood in all households.

Most children do not like such a useful delicacy. This is explained by the fact that once having tasted porridge cooked incorrectly, the children no longer want to eat it. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose the optimal recipe for cooking. The cooking method is quite simple. Boil should be in the milk, respecting the proportion: one liter of milk per hundred grams of semolina (1 / 2 cup). When the milk reaches the boiling stage, you need to do the following: pour the grits with pinches, trickle or sieve, carefully dispersing it so that there are no lumps. The cooking process takes three minutes, and then the pan is removed from the stove, closed with a lid and infused. It will be able to acquire its special taste during the "rest" period under the lid. It should be left for a few minutes in this state. In order for the child to like porridge, you can add sliced ​​fruit, honey, jam or sweet sauce.

Now you know how to properly cook tasty and healthy porridge. A dish prepared in this way will have an incredible aroma and appearance. There is another unique and quite useful way of cooking. Take the pan and send it to the stove. Warm up. Then pour dry semolina into it and calcined with butter thoroughly. Make sure that nothing is burned. After the action, take the milk and pour it into the pan. Stir quickly. Then let boil for two minutes and cover with a lid. The result will delight and surprise you. Liquid porridge is considered more useful than thick, as it is absorbed faster.


Homemade milk 500 ml
Semolina 50 grams
Sugar 3 tablespoons
Fine salt at the tip of the knife
Butter 10 grams
Vanilla to taste
Jam, fruits, berries, jam to taste

Preparation of all ingredients will be about five minutes. The cooking time is twenty minutes.


Phased preparation of a delicious and balanced breakfast with detailed photos:

1) Put the pan on the stove. Pour in milk, add salt, sugar and vanilla, butter.

sugar with milk in a saucepan

2) Over medium heat, stirring with a special whisk, bring to a boil.

pan with a whisk

3) Remove the pan from the heat, set aside. Take the prepared cereal and pour it very carefully. Do not forget that you need to constantly mix.

cereal fall asleep in the pot

4) After that, you can return the pot to the stove, bring to the boil again. Boil for about three minutes. Remove from heat, cover and leave for fifteen minutes.

the croup is stirred with a whisk

5) Kashka is ready for a unique recipe! You can serve at the table, after adding a spoonful of your favorite jam or jam.

Video recipe

Use the proposed recipe, and you get an incredibly tasty, nutritious dish.

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Updated: 08.02.2019

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  1. Marina

    I did everything as the author wrote! Indeed, it turned out without lumps, BUT OUR POTENTY GOT A DIFFERENT, AND THE AUTHOR PROMISED LIQUID !!!

  2. Larisa

    The recipes are good. But for some reason, no one thought of how simple and easy to cook porridge without lumps? I share a secret: part of the milk (about a glass) needs to be mixed with a spoon with semolina and poured into the boiling milk. Stir as usual. No lumps and convulsive semolina semolina.

  3. Irina

    I love semolina porridge, but I always made it just on milk and butter. The idea with vanilla is simple, but I did not think of it myself. Now made according to your recipe, it turned out very tasty.

  4. Violetta

    With vanilla I have never tried to do, thanks for the recipe. The eldest son is only semolina and loves, now the youngest, as a year old, is full for both cheeks. And if there are still drawings on top of the jam, make the beauty even better and make it a joy for children's eyes)

  5. Maria

    A great recipe! I haven’t cooked oatmeal for a long time, that I forgot how tasty it is! I’ll try to cook with your hints, because a porridge without lumps is the most important thing :)

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