How to cook semolina with pumpkin in a slow cooker

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Semolina is very healthy, that is why many adults and children love it. If you cook it correctly, without the foam and lumps, then even picky children will agree to eat it. To diversify the usual semolina, you can cook it with the addition of sweet, ripe and very juicy pumpkin, which will be a chic breakfast for the whole family. This recipe is suitable for all occasions, as it takes a minimum amount of time, ingredients. Mostly milk pumpkin porridge It is customary to cook with cereals such as rice and millet. As for the semolina, such a solution is very original and non-standard, but incredibly tasty. It is advisable not to add sugar, as the pumpkin is a sweet fruit. In addition, in this way, the dish will be healthier and less calorie. If necessary, add a little flower honey to a warm ready-made semolina. You can decorate the dish with nuts and dried fruits to make it more interesting for the child to eat.

Technology cooking porridge in a slow cooker

Pumpkin porridge with semolina turns out to be tender, fragrant, bright and tasty, and most importantly, very useful. It can be safely cooked not on the stove, but with the help of a multicooker. Such a wonderful device should simply be in every hostess, since this thing is indispensable for the modern rhythm. The cooking process is noticeably simplified, and the duration is reduced. It is with the help of the multicooker that you can quickly and without unnecessary trouble prepare a healthy, balanced breakfast for the whole family.

Semolina with pumpkin in a multicooker is a rather unusual recipe, but it will appeal to lovers of the original combination of ingredients. From pumpkin is better to take a sweet, ripe root vegetable, then the final taste of the dish will be unique and very rich. Kashka is tender, bright and tasty, melting in the mouth.

To prepare two full servings of tasty semolina with a pumpkin, prepare the following ingredients:


Milk about 1 cup
Juicy, sweet pumpkin 150-200 gram
Semolina not less than 2 Art. spoons
Sugar 3 teaspoons
Butter about 10 gram
Water 1 glass
Salt ½ tsp


1. Semolina is desirable to sift. Heat a dry frying pan, then fry the semolina to an attractive, golden hue. The duration of roasting is two minutes. Such a manipulation helps to remove the mucus, as well as to avoid the formation of all the unloved lumps.

semolina in the pan

2. After this, it is necessary to prepare a slow cooker. It should be connected to the outlet, and lubricate the container itself with a small amount of butter. This will help you avoid sticking to the bottom. Some grease the bowl so that the semolina does not run away, but it is important to understand that butter does not affect this process.

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3. Next, you should pour the required amount of water and pasteurized milk. As for the ratio of water and milk, it can be changed independently, taking into account its own taste preferences. If you are on a diet, it is better to cook semolina with pumpkin in the water. However, milk porridge turns out much tastier, softer and more aromatic.

milk and water in the bowl

4. In the bowl of the multicooker, you must add the specified amount of salt and sugar. Optionally, the sugar is replaced by honey, but it should be added to the warm, ready-made porridge, but in any case not hot.

sugar on a spoon

5. Do you want to cook tender semolina without lumps? Then you need to use a small, but proven trick. If you add the cereal in small pinches, as if you are adding some salt, lumps will never appear. You can also pour it in a thin stream.

pinch of salt

6. The next important step is the thorough preparation of the pumpkin. Taste, flavor and hue of porridge will be ideal if you take a juicy and ripe root vegetable. Pumpkin must be washed, cleaned of fibers and seeds. Then rub it on a coarse grater or cut into cubes, small cubes, add to the slow cooker. In winter, you can use frozen pumpkin.

pumpkin in the bowl

7. It is important to thoroughly mix the contents of the container of the kitchen appliance in order to obtain a uniform consistency. To cover with a lid. Select the appropriate cooking mode, namely - "Porridge". The duration of cooking a healthy dish is about ten to fifteen minutes.

multicooker front

8. When the sound signal sounds, the semolina with the pumpkin can be served on the table, after having decorated it to your own taste. Do not forget to add a piece of butter to each plate before serving.

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The recipe for the proposed dish is unusually simple, affordable and original. You can prepare such a grub not only in a slow cooker, but also on the stove, in the oven.

Updated: 09.03.2019

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