How to cook semolina in a slow cooker

Ready-made semolina porridge

Semolina is well boiled soft, quickly absorbed by the body, contains almost no fiber. Semolina is a dish, the taste of which we remember from childhood.

A rich and healthy breakfast is the key to a successful day. Semolina in a slow cooker without lumps will be a great start to it. The semolina is a tasty, light dish. However, it can be spoiled if you do not follow the recipe and cooking technique.. Using multivarku (as in This recipe) can avoid problems such as lumps, film, burning smell. They cause disgust in both adults and children. If you cook the recipe for semolina in a slow cooker, you get an incredibly tasty dish. Also try cooking porridge in a slow cooker.

Adding jam, fruit, chocolate syrup, cinnamon - semolina will acquire a specifically pleasant taste. Having tried once, your children will ask her again and again. Recipes cooking semolina in a multicooker quite a lot. Today we will tell how to cook semolina in a slow cooker.

Necessary ingredients:

Homemade milk 350 ml.
Water 100 ml.
Semolina 3- 4 tablespoons
Granulated sugar 2 tablespoons
Fine salt at the tip of the knife
Butter 15 grams
supplements fruit, chocolate syrup, vanilla, jam.

Step-by-step cooking:

1. The most important thing is the choice of quality cereals.

There are three varieties of semolina:

  • grade "T" (durum wheat);
  • Mark "M" (soft wheat);
  • brand "MT" (a mixture of soft and hard).

In order to prepare our delicacy, it is best to take the “M” brand cereal. Since it does not go astray.


2. Sift the cereal. The main component of the success of semolina porridge without lumps, according to the recipe, is sifting of cereals. We do this with a sieve. We repeat the procedure twice, in light movements.

Sifted Semolina

3. Fry semolina. This is the most unusual and interesting time cooking semolina in a slow cooker. We pour the cereal into the pan and send it to the stove. Take a dry spoon and intensively stir the 2 minutes. Sure you ask for something to do this? The answer is obvious. Finished semolina porridge will not be mucous.

Semolina with oil

4. Fill the croup with water. Usually, semolina is poured into boiling milk. But we will not do that. There is another trick. Fill the semolina with water, bring to a boil. We keep on the plate 3 minutes, stirring, so we get steamed and softened porridge.

Milka drenched in milk

5. Prepare the bowl multicooker. Liberally lubricate the bowl with oil and shift porridge into it. Fill with milk. Add salt, sugar.

Ready semolina in multvarka

6. Close the lid miracle - the stove, set the mode “Milk porridge” on 30 minutes. Sometimes stir. After the time has elapsed, a signal will sound when the cooking is completed. Add vanilla, salt, butter. Close the lid, let it brew for 10 minutes.

7. Semolina on milk in a slow cooker is ready. Arrange the plates, decorate to taste.

Video recipe

Useful Tips

  1. To improve the taste, semolina can be cooked with baked milk. You can also replace butter - melted. The finished dish will acquire delicate notes of hazelnut.
  2. It is recommended to use immediately after preparation. Best of all hot, as it cools down, it loses its taste.
  3. Ready semolina can be used to make casseroles. Get a great dessert. It is only necessary to add cottage cheese, eggs and fruits. Bake the resulting mixture in the oven for about 10 minutes. Serve with sour cream and fruit. Real jam!
  4. Semolina porridge can be boiled in water if the person has an allergy to milk.
  5. Munk is poorly absorbed by the child's body. Therefore, it is contraindicated to add it to the diet to children before the age of 1.

Meat broth can be used instead of milk or water. Most suitable from beef, chicken.

The benefits and harms of semolina:

  • Munk is useful for diet food.
  • Doctors recommend adding it to the diet, those who have problems with the stomach and intestines.
  • Reduces spasmodic pain during ulcer, gastritis.
  • It adds strength, energy, improves tone.
  • Semolina - an inexhaustible source of vitamins. It contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron. It is also full of vitamins of group B, E.
  • In the process of cooking all the beneficial substances are saved.
  • In semolina there is a lot of gluten (some people do not digest it), so it can cause such a disease as celiac disease. Sufficient complex disease.
  • It is not recommended to give babies up to a year. Since it removes all the calcium from the body, which makes it weakened, it disrupts the further development of the child.

How is the slow cooker better than the stove in making semolina?

First, the dish remains warm for 24 hours thanks to the “Preheat” function. In the evening you returned from work, tired and exhausted? And in the morning you want to please your household with healthy and tasty food? With this, a non-replaceable thing in the kitchen will help you - a slow cooker (there is still This recipe).

Using the “Delayed Start” mode, you fall asleep everything you need in the slow cooker, and in the morning you will have a wonderful breakfast. Secondly, You should not worry that the milk will run away or burn like on the stove. In multivarka this will not happen. And finally, porridge cooked in a slow cooker has a special taste, a delicate texture melting in the mouth. Try this wonderful machine in practice, as it is a pleasure to cook the semolina in the slow cooker.

Strictly adhere to the recipe and the proposed recommendations, then you will succeed. You will understand that cooking semolina is a pleasure. And your household will eat it for both cheeks.

Also want to tell you how to cook porridge on the water.

Updated: 12.06.2018

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  1. Svetlana

    I cook semolina in the morning for the family once or twice a week. Cooked today according to the advice described in the article. I have never fried cereal before, this is new to me. Kashka turned out tasty, although a different consistency. All family members, including children, relished!

  2. Olga

    I tried to make a prescription. It was necessary to tinker, of course, much longer than usual, but the child who hates porridge minted for both cheeks)))

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