Recipe for semolina with pumpkin for children up to a year

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Introducing recipe for delicious manna porridge grits with the addition of pumpkin (accompanied with a photo). If you want another recipe, here you are semolina according to the classic recipe.


Pumpkin 200 gr
Semolina 5 century. l.
Water 200 ml
Milk 500 ml
Butter 30 gr
Salt and sugar to taste


Method of preparation

1. Wash the pumpkin and cut into small squares, fold into a small saucepan (I have a teflon bucket).

pumpkin diced

2. Pour water over the pumpkin, boil for 20 minutes before the pumpkin softens, and then stew for a while until the water has evaporated.

tikva flooded with water

3. Mash the pumpkin to the state of mashed potatoes and pour the required amount of milk (mashed pumpkin is better perceived by the body of a six-month baby).

pumpkin puree

4. Bring milk to a boil, constantly stirring pumpkin puree.

5. Pour the semolina into a thin stream while stirring the porridge so that the lumps do not form.

milk with semolina

It is better to do a little differently: some time before the pumpkin is ready, pour the semolina with water and stir constantly to the state jelly. As soon as the milk boils, pour in the divorced semolina, stirring already in the pan (constantly!), Thus you can precisely avoid the lumps.

tikva without lumps

6. Do not forget to add salt and sugar. Boil the porridge for about 5 minutes on low heat, without stopping stirring. As soon as the porridge starts gurgling loudly, turn it off.

7. Put butter on top of the porridge, cover tightly and wait 10 minutes - it should be infused, and the butter should melt.

pumpkin with butter

8. After that, mix everything thoroughly and serve to the table (surely hot). The body of a six-month-old child better perceives a freshly made gruel.

Semolina porridge for baby milk with pumpkin is ready. Now you know how to cook semolina porridge baby. Delight him with a delicious and healthy dish.

Video recipe

Porridge is an excellent supplement for children aged 5 - 6. These dishes can perfectly complement the main menu of the child. They have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, can compensate for the lack of needs of certain vitamins and minerals.

In the diet of children up to 1, you can enter porridge from different types of cereals. But when can you give semolina baby? On this question among pediatricians there are several different opinions. Some believe that this mess can be entered into the diet of a child already from 8 months. Others recommend feeding the child such porridge much later, as it contains substances that can harm the baby’s fragile body.

An important condition is the alternation of croup, since feeding with only one species for a long period of time can harm children's health. When choosing a recipe for cooking, be sure to consider the age of the child, his level of health and some likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Children under one year should eat cereals with a high level of nutritional value. After the baby is one year old, you can start giving semolina by adding fruits and berries. Vegetable porridge can be given to children aged 5-6 months.

It is preferable that the consistency was liquid, so when cooking do not feel sorry for the water. When the baby is 6 months old, you can begin to introduce porridge from rice, buckwheat, corn and oatmeal. It is not recommended to feed the child with such dishes more than once a day. Semolina has a suitable consistency, a large number of vitamins, including such as group B and PP.

It should be borne in mind that minerals are contained in smaller quantities than in other cereals. Semolina porridge is useful and, at the same time, harmful. This is due to the gluten content in semolina. On the one hand, the body needs gluten. On the other hand, the basis of gluten is gliadin protein, which can cause a disease such as celiac disease.

For a child's body (especially at the age of 5-6 months), the damage can be manifested in the fact that the mucous membrane of the intestine becomes thinner as a result of the effect of semolina. Adults are much easier to tolerate the effects of semolina. An additional benefit of the decoy is that it soothes spasms and pain during gastritis or ulcers.

Also, such porridge is a good restorer of forces, helps to get rid of the syndrome of constant fatigue. For this reason, semolina porridge with pumpkin has a high benefit during recovery and rehabilitation periods. Fresh pumpkin can be saved until spring without letting it lose its beneficial properties. Thus, throughout the winter, you can enjoy dishes prepared with this healthy fruit. Including pumpkin in the diet of children in the winter, you will replenish the reserves of vitamins in their body.

Manka for a baby with a pumpkin has a pleasant texture and excellent taste, which will appeal to both the youngest children (aged 5-6 months) and adults.

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