Cooking semolina with weight loss

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The semolina is a tasty, healthy, airy and extraordinarily valuable porridge, which is loved by children and adults. With the help of semolina, you can quickly and effectively lose weight, if you follow some rules and recommendations. What is the use of semolina in the fight against excess weight? The semolina is a rich, generous storehouse of proteins that are of plant origin. In addition, it has a lot of simple carbohydrates, responsible for the rapid saturation. Despite the scarce availability of trace elements, minerals and vitamins, thanks to a short treatment, they are all preserved and are not damaged. As for the mineral elements, then, basically, it is iron and potassium, as well as vitamins PP and B. If your goal is to lose weight, then you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate recipe for semolina, as well as its useful and unique properties in the diet.

Features of preparation

Want to get rid of excess weight? Then write down the recipe and cook a semolina on it, which will become a faithful companion and helper during diet therapy. The effect and stunning result can be observed in a week. The cooking method is extremely simple. To enhance the aroma and brightness of taste, add a little lemon jam, if desired, its acidity will add originality to the dietary dish. The citrus shade makes semolina rich, tasty and incredibly fragrant.


Milk ½ cup
Water ½ cup
Semolina 2 tablespoons
Lemon Jam 1 teaspoon


1. Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe. First you need to mix the milk with water.

milk with water in a saucepan

2. Please note that the recipe does not use sugar and salt. Send pan to the stove, bring to a boil. Add a thin stream of semolina, constantly stirring, it will prevent the formation of lumps. Mix everything thoroughly.

falling asleep in milk

3. Cooking time is about five minutes. After which it will become a little thicker, but it will still remain liquid. Pour the gruel into the plate.

pour semolina in a bowl

4. You can add a little natural butter. It is forbidden to use spreads, various analogs, as they interfere with the fight with excess weight.

semolina with butter in a plate

Video recipe

Thus, semolina porridge is extremely useful and effective in the process of losing weight. In one week you will lose about six kilograms, which is considered a significant indicator. The duration of such a mono diet should not be long. Otherwise, it can lead to osteoporosis.

How to lose weight with Monkey

Many are concerned about the question, is it possible to lose weight on semolina? Before finding out the answer to this question, it is necessary to become familiar with the basic properties and capabilities of this porridge. It has a small amount of fiber, so it is well absorbed in the body. Many doctors recommend eating semolina after operations, serious diseases, as it is able to quickly restore energy reserves, strength.

Semolina for weight loss is useful and effective. However, it contains phytin, gluten, which can have an undesirable effect. Gluten is a strong allergen. If there are no food enzymes in the body, it can cause serious disturbances in the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. If phytin accumulates, there is a risk of inadequate absorption of vitamin D. In addition, gliodin promotes necrosis of the intestinal villi, which are directly involved in parietal digestion.

Semolina for weight loss is suitable due to the low calorie content, so you can actively use it. Interestingly, 100 grams of semolina contains less calories than buckwheat. Due to the fact that carbohydrates quickly saturate the blood, a person quickly begins to feel satiated. That is why, to eliminate hunger, especially during a diet, it is enough to eat a small amount of semolina.

Due to the regular consumption of semolina, you can lose weight and improve the digestive system, get rid of toxins and toxins. Semolina, cooked properly, cleans the lower part of the large intestine from fat deposits, which helps in the process of losing weight. Eat a tasty gruel and lose weight with pleasure!

Updated: 01.12.2018

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