How to cook porridge on the water

Ready-made semolina porridge

The latest fashion in cooking - cooking all low-calorie, dietary. And we will not deviate from fashion trends, and today we will prepare semolina on the water. Manka is a unique croup. Probably, not everyone knows that it is made from soft wheat varieties. In semolina a lot of calcium, phosphorus and other macronutrients useful for the human body. But not only this one is unique, this product.

It is processed quickly, so literally in half an hour the urge from your stomach to taste something in the kitchen will become more and more noticeable.
Despite the fact that porridge from semolina is in itself a dietary product, today we will cook it on water, without milk. Manka on the water without milk and the sugar will, of course, be a little bland and empty. Therefore it is recommended to add some raisins.

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Our recipe is simple, but you should know that almost always semolina lumps when boiled. This product is unique, including interfering with it more often than any other. Especially responsible when cooking the very first stage - when the cereal is mixed with water. In water, semolina immediately turns into lumps because of its fine consistency, so you need to mix quickly and often. By the way here you can learn the secret of how to prepare semolina without lumps.

Do not forget, though, that semolina on the water is prepared only from fresh cereals. If the shelf life is coming to an end, you cannot use such a product. This rule is strict, and our recipe has nothing to do with it.

So, we need:


Manka 3 Art. spoons
Butter 2 Art. spoons
Sugar 1 Art. a spoon
Raisins 1 Art. a spoon
Salt to taste
Water 2 glasses


1. This is a single-serving recipe for an adult. If sugar is not recommended, you can not put it. But if you have no restrictions, and the desire to eat a tasty dietary dish to eat, sugar is necessary. From a tablespoon, nothing terrible will happen.

Manka in the pan

2. Take the pot and pour water into it. We bring the water to a boil and while stirring we fall asleep semolina. This is a must, because as we already know, this croup very much "loves" to turn into lumps. Moreover, semolina porridge on the water crumples a little more than if you cook it with milk. You need to interfere often.

Add sugar in semolina

3. Next (do not forget to mix) add sugar. Our recipe provides for it. But, as already mentioned, this ingredient is not required. To your taste we salt porridge.

Manka in the pot stew

4. Constantly stirring boil 5 gruel minutes. I must say that semolina porridge on the water is prepared quickly, it is not a barley and rice. So do not forget about it, otherwise the cereal will completely melt and dissolve in water.

Oil in semolina

5. Five minutes later add the butter. The porridge from the burner can not be removed, even if it is heated, while the oil is heated.

Raisins in manka

6. Immediately after the butter, add the raisins. All thoroughly mixed.

Well that's all. Our semolina is ready. If you wish - you can add a little more butter. As you know, “you won't spoil porridge with butter”. If you have a slow cooker, you can cook our recipe for semolina porridge in it.

It is probably difficult to find a second such cereal, which does not cause any harm when consumed in large quantities. The use of decoys for children is difficult to overestimate, and for adults it is useful primarily because it strengthens the immune system and bones. The semolina contains little fiber and very low-calorie, whatever recipe you choose. So getting fat from it will not work. Present on 100% dietary product. True, this porridge hardly belongs to the category of products with which you can “fill up your fill”.

Remember to make it liquid semolina portions of milk and semolina must be strictly observed.

Updated: 07.07.2018

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  1. Teacher of Russian language

    Do not put, and lay down!

  2. Vasya

    I do not understand the porridge on the water. A semolina especially. It is just a caster. ... beeee

  3. Natalie

    Very good recipe! Thanks you! I made myself, the child and my husband in the morning, everyone is very happy :) In addition, it turned out to be useful in my case - my daughter needs something that fixes (she didn’t add oil to 8 months), but she was already tired of rice :)

  4. Peter

    the smartest

  5. Victor

    And how much water to pour? Liter? Two? Taste?

  6. Ksenia

    The semolina is not so useful at all, as you painted here, it is even harmful in large quantities, and you should not give it to children under one year old. Be in trend - ask about healthy eating, do not mislead people.

  7. Olga

    Author from oak fell? Munk - "the use of the decoys for children is difficult to overestimate." Do you still live in the Soviet Union?

  8. Julia

    A good recipe, porridge turned out delicious and not at all a cluster. You can add less sugar to someone you don’t like, but for my taste it’s not so sweet. Yes, and oil as you like, everyone already chooses how it suits him. Not everyone can have milk, now many children are allergic, this recipe on the water is very good. Yes, and milk in our time is no longer considered a useful product, well, only homemade can.

  9. Nati

    Thanks for the recipe. Cooked for a chick that had fallen out of the nest, semolina took a spoon on 1 glass to 2. It turned out that it is necessary - very watery.

  10. Haight

    And how much to pour water?

  11. Elena

    Oh, this semolina! As a child, I ate it in milk, with sugar, and butter with a bit of sugar! I do not feel love for her, probably she has eaten in Soviet times, and she is not happy with her homework. More like a manna. This is such a cake. You can do on the water, you can on the fermented milk product. Both are tasty. Son more like lean option. But thanks to the author for the recipe! The time will come - it will come in handy!

  12. Olga

    As for my taste, porridge is watery and not as useful as if it was cooked in milk. 2 tablespoons of butter on a 2 cup is too-too fat! And in combination with raisins and sugar - a dish for those who want to gain weight more likely.
    It tastes tolerable.

    • Novel

      Just in the water it is less harmful to the body than in milk, read books if you do not believe me

  13. Lydia

    And oil is required

  14. Arthur

    Made. Tasty, but very much sugar. In life, this is not eaten. As if jam poured

  15. Catherine

    semolina? sugar? in 8 months to baby?
    I turned porridge very liquid and fat

  16. Vasya

    2 water glass ...

    • Vasya

      cup = 150 grams, 300 grams per 3 tablespoons.

      • Arthur

        in a glass 200-250 ml. water. You have some tiny cups)

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