How to cook semolina porridge on dry milk

semolina on a plate

Tasty, sweet, warm semolina porridge - beautiful and nostalgic associations with childhood. Everyone knows about the excellent healing properties of this cereal, so it is recommended to eat it not only for children, but also for adults, but in moderation. There are many recipes for this delicacy. It is boiled in milk, water. If you know a good recipe, you can easily prepare a high-quality, airy, light and unusually tender dessert. From semolina, you can make a chic pudding, which is no worse than the famous Italian panna cotta.

Features of preparation

Semolina on powdered milk is not an invention, but a quite feasible task. Such milk porridge is not inferior to the taste of that cooked in regular milk. Semolina is used as the original powder, added to casseroles, dumplings with cottage cheese, cheesecakes, and on the basis of it prepare an incomparable semolina without lumps.

If you urgently need to prepare this dish, but there is no milk at hand, then there is a great alternative. The optimal way out of the current situation is airy, melting in your mouth semolina porridge on dry milk, which is prepared in a matter of minutes.


Semolina 2 tablespoons
Milk powder 2-3 tablespoons
Water 300 milliliters
Sugar 3 teaspoons
Salt to taste

milk powder semolina sugar


1. Having prepared all the necessary components of this recipe, you can proceed to the direct preparation of porridge. If you use this type of milk, then cooking is a little different from the traditional way. In order not to curl the milk, it is better to dissolve it in water. First, add the powdered milk to the pan.

powdered milk

2. After that, you need to pour the semolina. The specified number of products in the recipe is calculated for one portion. If it is necessary to prepare dishes for more people, increase the dosage of the components, taking into account proportions.

semolina and powdered milk

3. In the next step, add salt and sugar. Optionally, put less sugar, so the dish will turn out less sweet.

add sugar to dry milk

4. At the final stage, pour in distilled water. Stir the ingredients thoroughly using a blender.

powdered milk with water

5. Send the pot to the stove, the fire should be minimal. Do not forget that semolina must constantly stir, so it will not burn. Bring to a boil and boil for five minutes.

dry milk is filled with water

6. When semolina is cooked, you can remove the pan from the stove. Add some butter if desired. To make the porridge more delicious, you can wrap the pot in a towel for ten minutes.

ready semolina in the pan with butter

Video recipe

Munk on the proposed recipe is ready. The cooking process is extremely simple and affordable. Before serving, ready-made porridge can be decorated with jam, fresh berries or fruits.

Updated: 09.07.2018

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