Recipe for making decoys in milk for a child

semolina with butter in a plate

Semolina is one of those cereals, around which there are constant and tireless disputes. If earlier it could have been given from the very infancy, now pediatricians strongly advise not to feed babies with semolina too soon. The fact is that the useful properties of this cereal are few, and it can cause harm to the infant. However, despite numerous prohibitions, parents continue to feed their children with such tender, tasty, milky porridge. Those children who are overweight should not eat semolina often. In addition, the abuse of semolina may cause the child to excessive gas, colic, constipation.

Technology of preparation

As you can see, it is better to prepare semolina for kids older than one year. For this you need to use a proven recipe. Despite the prohibitions, semolina is an extremely tasty, healthy dish that can give energy and strength not only to young children, but also to adults.


Milk 1 glass
Semolina 3 spoons
Butter 10 grams
Sugar, salt to taste
Jam, honey optional


1. Turn the fire on medium level. Pour a glass of fresh milk into the pan.

milk in a cup

2. Add sugar, salt in the right quantity. If you do not want your cereal to be too sweet, it is enough to pour a teaspoon of sugar into 1,5.

sugar in a spoon

3. Send the pot of milk to the stove. Make sure that it does not run away. Do not bring the milk to a boil. When a slight turbulence begins, add semolina. Putting it in a thin stream, stirring constantly, this will help to avoid the formation of lumps.

semolina in a spoon

4. Housewives should note that after adding a decoy, you should make sure that it is enough for a portion of milk. This is extremely important, since the density of the future dish depends on the proportion of ingredients. Grains must swim freely. Boil for two minutes, stirring occasionally.

semolina with milk in the pan

5. Semolina in milk is ready when the consistency becomes slightly thick. In addition, its color should change, namely to become cream.

6. If desired, add some butter (82% fat).

7. Serve in a serving plate, you can decorate with jam or honey. It will be very tasty and appetizing.

prepared semolina

Video recipe

The proposed recipe will help you prepare the most delicious and healthy gruel for your baby. No need to cook it more than once a week.

The benefits and harm of decoys for children

If you do not know how to cook semolina in milk for a child, then you will need a good recipe. Despite the fact that semolina is very useful, light and airy, pediatricians claim that it can be eaten only by those children who are more than ten months old. As for the first complementary foods, it is better to give preference to gluten-free porridge options:

  • corn;
  • buckwheat
  • rice

According to numerous studies, children under six months do not need additional feeding!

Milk semolina is dietary, as it does not contain very many dietary fibers. However, there are disadvantages. There is a sufficiently large amount of vegetable protein (gluten), and the body of an infant can digest it with difficulty. In simple words, infants are not able to absorb gluten. As for the nutritional value, then it contains only a few salts of mineral, healthy fats and vitamins. In such a mess about seventy percent of the starch. If the children's body can get used to this amount of carbohydrates, it will provoke fat folds, overweight.

As for gluten, gluten, the unformed digestive system of a baby under one year of age cannot absorb it. As a result, the baby has a rash on the face, an allergy. The grains are dominated by a special substance - phytin, it prevents the absorption of important vitamin D, calcium.

Semolina contains another unsafe element, namely the mucopolysaccharide, which is a false biopolymer. What is its harm? Basically, it sticks together the villi located in the children's intestines, and this can cause their necrosis. This provokes improper absorption of nutrients by the intestines of the offspring.

The use of milk semolina as an early complementary food can provoke various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, causing a weak immune system and rickets. To avoid serious problems and complications, it is not recommended to frequently feed the child with this dish until the age of three.

Updated: 20.12.2018

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