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At the mention of children's cereal first, which comes to mind, it is semolina milk porridge. Today it is difficult to find another dish about the dangers and benefits of which there are so many discussions. Her controversial qualities are discussed in the circles of nutritionists, pediatricians, young parents. What is special about this croup?

Produce semolina from wheat grains, which as a result of rough processing turns into small grains of a light yellow color. It contains significantly less nutrients than other types of cereals, but it has its advantages. Its composition contains up to 70% starch, there are also proteins, vitamins and mineral elements. Due to the fact that this porridge is enough 3-5 minutes for cooking, nutrients are saved almost at full strength.

Preparing semolina is very simple. To make it tasty, it is enough to observe certain tricks and strictly follow the instructions given in the recipe. Every family has their favorite recipe for semolina. It can be made liquid or thick, with milk or water, salty or sweet. In culinary collections one can even find recipes of semolina boiled on meat (vegetable) broth or on the basis of berry juices and fruit drinks. But we will start with a simple one, let's do the preparation of a traditional semolina recipe. If you have a baby, you can cook semolina for child 1 year recipe for your baby. Given below semolina recipe more suitable for children from 6 years.


Milk 1 glass
Semolina 6 century. l.
Butter 30 gr
Sugar and salt to taste
Dried fruits, honey, fruit syrup optional

dish ingredients


1. In a container where semolina will boil, pour in milk.

milk in the pan

2. Over medium heat bring it to a boil. For those who want to make it less calorie, milk can be taken with a small percentage of fat. In addition, a third of the milk can be replaced by water.

boiling milk

3. It is advisable to prepare semolina and sugar in advance so that they are on hand. Nutritionists prefer cereals produced from grains of durum wheat.

4. Pour the semolina into the hot milk in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Thus, in the porridge does not form lumps.

5. Then add salt and sugar to taste.

add sugar

6. Keep the porridge on low heat for three minutes and turn it off. If the porridge is too thin, leave it on the fire for another five minutes. During this time it will thicken.

7. Let us brew 10 minutes and delicious semolina is ready.

Video recipe

It is during the infusion that the true taste and flavor of the porridge is formed. And its taste is significantly different from the dish, cooked in the usual way in a hurry.

Butter can be added to the total container or before serving in a separate portion. Semolina porridge is best consumed hot. This is a hearty, nutritious and easy-to-digest meal that is perfect for breakfast.

Often you can hear that semolina - high-calorie product. But this is not entirely correct information. By itself, semolina does not have a high energy value. Semolina, boiled in milk without added sugar and salt, has a caloric content of 98 kcal per 100 grams. If you cook porridge on water with different spices (vanilla, cinnamon), then its caloric content will be 80 kcal in 100 grams of the finished dish.

In the figure, the use of semolina is not reflected. Semolina is very nutritious, it satisfies hunger for a long time and does not cause an allergic reaction. Allergy symptoms occur only from milk or other products that are added to semolina.

Semolina perfectly complemented by all kinds of sweet pastries. Before serving, it is decorated with fresh fruit. If you fill this dish with natural flower honey or fresh vegetable (fruit) syrup, the health benefits increase! The dish flavored in this way is much tastier, but do not forget that the caloric content increases. Remarkable ideas would be to add a small amount of cinnamon in the decoy, which helps to improve digestion and helps to remove extra centimeters.


For those who appreciate technological progress in the kitchen, this dish can be easily prepared using the slow cooker. This will require a different recipe.

The harm of semolina is that phytin is in the composition (it binds trace elements calcium and zinc). And with its excessive and constant consumption, there may be a violation of cell absorption of pure calcium. For this reason, it is not recommended to enter into the diet of children up to 1 year. In the menu of older children, semolina must be included. You should not abuse the product. We advise you to try the recipe for semolina without lumps.

Updated: 26.08.2018

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