Cooking thick semolina porridge

semolina in a plate

What could be easier cooking semolina for breakfast? However, in this matter there are subtleties, tricks and nuances that should be followed. If you do not want to have lumps in semolina, then you should know how to avoid them. Most nutritionists, doctors argue that semolina is useless, but it does not cease to be popular. Many children and adults happily enjoy such a light, airy dish, not only for breakfast, but also for afternoon tea. To make porridge thick, tender and tasty, you should read the step-by-step recipe.

Technology cooking thick semolina

Semolina will turn thick and without lumps, if you master one simple technology. Basically, it is enough to do the following: put the milk on the stove and bring to a boil, in another container mix semolina with a small amount of water. When the milk boils, pour the cooked mass and mix thoroughly, it will allow to avoid the formation of unwanted lumps.

Despite the controversy of nutritionists and doctors, thick semolina is good for health. This is due to its rich composition. Manka contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, proteins and beneficial carbohydrates. If you eat it in the morning, then all day you will feel light, a surge of strength and energy. In addition, the semolina is shown to receive people with a weakened digestive tract and stomach diseases. Porridge has an enveloping property, so it helps to stop inflammation.

The semolina helps to strengthen the bones, teeth, as it contains a lot of calcium. It is recommended to eat with kidney failure, it is great for restoring the body during the postoperative period and for the treatment of chronic pathologies. The main advantage of semolina - its hypoallergenic. Manka calorie, this should be considered when following diets. Prepare a tasty and healthy thick gruel, you can use a proven step-by-step recipe, equipped with colorful photos.


For cooking will require the following products:

Semolina 2-3 tablespoons
Butter about 30 gram
Milk 400 milliliters
Salt 1 pinch
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Jam, honey, fruits and berries to taste


1. Prepare all the products you need for cooking. If you want your porridge to be thick enough, it is important to follow certain proportions. Based on one glass of milk you will need a tablespoon of cereal (with a slide). Given that the proposed recipe is designed for two servings, the number of ingredients automatically doubles.

milk in a glass and semolina in a plate

2. Rinse with ice water before pouring the milk into the pan. This will help avoid milk sticking. After that, you can put the pan on the stove and boil the milk.

milk in the pan

3. When the seething begins, pour in the semolina, but make it a very thin stream. Do not forget to constantly stir, it will help avoid the formation of unwanted lumps.

semolina with milk in the pan

4. Then add sugar and lightly salt the dish so that the taste becomes more expressive and saturated. Continue to boil the porridge for five minutes on the most minimal fire, not forgetting to stir constantly.

5. Serve prepared porridge portions, adding a piece of butter. You can decorate with berries, melted chocolate and fruit, jam or honey.

ready semolina with oil

Video recipe

Recipe semolina is very simple and affordable, so even a novice in the kitchen can handle it. The only condition - to comply with the technology and the recipe. Due to the air consistency, the dish will appeal not only to adults, but also to fastidious children.

Updated: 05.11.2018

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