How to cook semolina porridge for nursing mothers

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After nine months of pregnancy, when a long-awaited beloved baby appears in a nursing mother, the female body loses a huge amount of strength and nutrients. This is due to the fact that the young mother should feed the newborn with breast milk. It is an ideal storehouse of all the beneficial and nutrients needed by the child’s body. Considering the fact that immediately after childbirth the list of foods that can be eaten is sharply reduced, a woman needs to think about her diet. An excellent option is considered semolina, especially liquid, which can be eaten in moderation. I think you also need recipe for semolina.

In the process of breastfeeding, you can eat semolina with caution, given its following properties:

  1. High calorie dishes. This can cause increased gas formation, bloating and colic.
  2. Abuse can cause rickets in a baby.
  3. Manka contains large amounts of chitin. It negatively affects the body's absorption of vitamin D, calcium and iron. It is the cause of the dysfunction of the stomach and intestines.
  4. Allergic reactions due to gluten content.

Doctors say that nursing mom can eat semolina, but with a temporary restriction and compliance measures. You should also follow the following recommendations:

  1. Experts do not recommend to enter into the diet of a nursing woman a similar dish until the baby reaches two months of age. If the baby has colic, then from the age of three months.
  2. Eating porridge a day should be no more than one hundred and fifty grams, and a week - four hundred.
  3. The first portion should not exceed seventy grams. Drink in the morning, but not on an empty stomach.
  4. During the first three days after consumption, it is necessary to observe the child’s reaction. If they are missing, you can increase the portion.
  5. For the first injection, boil the porridge in water, stick with a sufficiently liquid consistency. Then you can cook on milk.

Introducing semolina in the diet, follow all the prescribed rules, so as not to cause harm to your baby. P "P" SЏ cooking decoys The following ingredients are required for a nursing mother:


Milk 500 ml
groats 55 grams
chips of coconut 15 grams
Fine salt ¼ tsp
Sugar 20 grams
Vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon
Berries for decoration


Phased cooking porridge with detailed photos:

1) Prepare all the necessary ingredients so that they are at your fingertips.

ingredients on a tray

2) The most important thing is to find fresh, high-quality milk of the right fat. For nursing mothers it is very important. It is advisable to use homemade milk. In this case it is necessary to dilute it with water in the ratio 1: 1. Put a thick-walled pot on the stove and pour in the prepared milk. Make sure that it does not run away.

milk is poured into the pot

3) Measure out the right amount of semolina, salt, sugar. Put the components in one glass and stir to a uniform consistency. Such a manipulation will avoid the formation of unwanted lumps.

dry ingredients

4) When the milk boils, reduce the level of fire to a minimum and add grits. Do it very carefully, with a thin stream and without sudden movements. Stir vigorously.

cereal fall asleep in milk

5) After you finish pouring the cereal, stir it all thoroughly. Make sure no lumps form. Stir and boil for five minutes. After that, you can remove the pan from the heat and cover with a lid for fifteen minutes.

porridge without lumps

6) Add vanilla sugar and coconut chips. Stir.

porridge with coconut flakes

7) After the done procedures, put the porridge in a beautiful plate and decorate to your own taste.

Semolina is very nutritious, wholesome, nourishing and tasty. It is rich in various nutrients, minerals, vitamins. Porridge has unique properties that beneficially affect the overall condition of the body. Its main advantage is the purification of the body from various harmful substances, toxins, slags, mucus and fluids. Strengthens the immune system and also calms the nervous system. Eat on health!

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Updated: 31.08.2018

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  1. Maria

    I like semolina porridge, but because of my daughter's colic, I did not cook. I will try to cook according to your coconut recipe, this is something new for me.

  2. Vasilisa

    For my child, semolina is the first porridge that was introduced into the diet. I really like my child in any form.

  3. Elena

    I love semolina very much, but with all the love I get bored with the same thing. The recipe is very good for diversifying your breakfasts!

  4. Alexey

    My child does not eat porridge at all. We tried your recipe and breathed a sigh of relief. Eats with pleasure. Instead of berries, add a banana.

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