Selected recipes for semolina porridge

21 new recipes:

In this section you can familiarize yourself with many recipes for semolina, which is very healthy. Semolina porridge can boast a unique chemical composition. Semolina in milk is 100% carbohydrates, but it is easily digested, nourishes the human body with energy. Knowing how to cook porridge, you can provide a healthy and balanced breakfast for the whole family. Despite the fact that the welded semolina is noticeably inferior to other porridges in composition and properties, its difference is the absence of fiber. This ensures rapid digestion and cleansing of the body, which helps to lose weight. In the proposed section, you can find a variety of ways of cooking semolina, you will learn what proportion to use, learn the secrets and tricks of cooking.

There are such types of cereals: "M", "T" and "MT" - respectively, their grades are soft, hard and a mixture of both types. For porridge is better suited "M". People who are prone to overweight and supporters of proper nutrition, talk about the dangers of semolina, as a high-calorie product. But this is not entirely true. The nutritional value of cereals is 98 Kcal per 100 g. Adds the caloric content of the base on which porridge is prepared (milk, butter, sugar).

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