Cooking in a multicooker porridge with milk and water

Corn porridge

Cornmeal is a valuable, nutritious and versatile product. From it you can cook not only cereals, but also soups, casseroles, pies, hominy. Today we will focus on porridge, which we will cook in a slow cooker. There are many models and varieties of multicookers. The most popular are Panasonic, Redmond, Philips, Polaris. We will have milk corn porridge in the multi-cooker Polaris. Try to cook corn porridge with milk without multicooker.

Corn porridge on milk in a multicooker - it turns out boiled soft, fragrant, appetizing, juicy and tender. Porridge made from corn grits is useful but difficult to prepare. There is a huge number of problems: it takes a long time to prepare, burns to the bottom, shoots grains. All these problems will solve the multicooker. All ingredients are measured in a special cup. Let us proceed to the recipe for corn porridge in a slow cooker.


Corn grits 400 grams
Water 310 ml.
Milk 500 ml.
Sugar 25 grams
Salt ¼ tsp
Butter 75 grams
Flavorings honey, raisins, cinnamon, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

Phased cooking

1. Prepare the cereal. Flush until water is clear.

Washed corn grits in a slow cooker

2. Bowl multicookers grease with butter. Pour into it washed cereal. Fill with water. Pour salt, sugar.

Corn porridge in the crock-pot

3. Omit the lid. Choose the function "Milk porridgeAnd set the 25 minutes. Cook until you hear a beep.

4. Then pour milk and stir. Reinstall Milk Porridge, but by 20 minutes. After the signal, do not rush to get it. Leave to insist minutes 15.

Corn porridge filled with milk

5. Add butter, stir.

Sliced ​​Butter

6. Squash with a wooden spoon and serve to the table. To taste add nuts, chocolate, fruit, honey. Corn porridge with milk in the slow cooker is ready!

Video recipe

It will be easy to prepare this gruel, as in the above recipe you will find step-by-step cooking instructions.

Cooking tips

  1. She can feed little children, as she is allergen-free.
  2. In the finished delicacy add the zest of one lemon. She will give an unforgettable taste and aroma.
  3. Also, it can be cooked just on water, without using milk, so it will turn out low-calorie.
  4. Keep better in towel-rolled pan.

Dish properties

This gruel has many advantages, it is saturated with vitamins and is good for human health. Add it to your diet. Make your life more pleasant, tastier and healthier.

  • Porridge is rich in vitamins and minerals (silicon, amino acids, iron).
  • Dietary dish.
  • Excretes toxins and slags.
  • With the help of corn grits, intestines and stomachs are cleaned.
  • High fiber content.
  • Suitable for children and babies.
  • It is useful in the treatment of heart disease, hypertension.
  • Improves metabolism, normalizes the condition of hair and skin.
  • Recommend to add to the diet in diabetes, oncology.
  • Contraindications to the use: thinness, presence of an ulcer.

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Updated: 09.12.2018

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  1. Rena

    A wonderful recipe for corn porridge, which really eliminates all the problems associated with its preparation. My children do not like corn porridge, however, this porridge is the richest source of long carbohydrates, microelements and vitamins. And according to this recipe, they eat it with pleasure.

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