The recipe for cooking corn porridge in the oven

cooked porridge with butter

The 16 century was marked by the arrival of a crop such as corn in Europe. For this you can thank the first travelers from America. The popularity grew, and soon corn began to be consumed throughout the world, and in many countries it is sincerely considered “its native culture” (for example, Romania - hominy, Italy - polenta). Corn came to Russia about a century ago, for this reason it cannot be called traditional cereal in our kitchen. However, she won certain positions and found her consumer in our country.

What is the secret of cooking porridge for any recipe? It is necessary to often interfere in the cooking process, or it will burn much. For a variety of dishes from corn grits, many recipes were invented: based on water or milk, polenta or casserole, as a filler can be various ingredients (pumpkin, fruits, vegetables, greens). Corn porridge in the oven is an interesting version of the standard recipe, which will be useful even with a strict diet. We also recommend cooking buckwheat with chicken in the oven.


Corn grits 2 tbsp.
Water 100 ml
Milk 100 ml
Butter 20 gr
Salt 0,5 tsp
Raisins 20 gr (optional)


The recipe for how to cook corn porridge in the oven:

1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Here is the amount per person. Accordingly, it is necessary to increase the proportions if you are going to cook corn porridge according to this recipe for more people.

food ingredients

2. In a suitable dish for the oven (a clay pot is recommended to pre-soak in water for a while so that it does not burst in the hot oven) pour in milk and water. You can reduce the amount of water so that the total volume of liquid varies from 150 to 200 ml — it will depend on how thick the prepared dish is.

milk in a bowl

3. Pour corn grits and salt into the same bowl.

milk with cereal in a bowl

4. If you want to add raisins, it is better to do this at this stage, mix thoroughly. You can also add a small amount of sugar.

5. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put dishes with prepared future porridge in it.

pan in the oven

6. After half an hour, according to the recipe, you need to get almost ready porridge from the oven, mix and put it back again for another 10 minutes.

porridge on the stove

7. Before serving, it is recommended to add a small amount of butter to the porridge.

Video recipe

The taste of corn porridge is very specific and very honored by gourmets. In addition, this cereal is very healthy. In the list of useful substances included in its composition, the leading place is occupied by vitamins and fiber. Also an important advantage of this porridge is its hypoallergenicity, which allows it to be used in the menu of children and people who have an increased level of sensitivity.

What is the use of corn porridge?

  1. Low calorie allows you to include it in the list of dietary products that can keep your body shape perfect, having a beneficial effect on the body's metabolism.
  2. A sufficient amount of silicon, iron and other amino acids and vitamins necessary for humans.
  3. Able to cleanse the body of excessive levels of toxins due to the fiber contained in it.
  4. Stabilizes processes in the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Supports the normal functioning of the processes of digestion.
  6. Positive effect on our skin.
  7. Allows you to reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke by normalizing cholesterol levels in the blood.
  8. Excretes fat from the body.

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