How to cook corn porridge with pumpkin on milk

corn porridge with pumpkin in a plate

The usefulness of corn porridge is beyond doubt. And if you combine it with a pumpkin, then the benefit doubles. Such a gruel is recommended to enter into the diet of children, as well as subject to a diet aimed at losing weight. This dish is low-calorie, but it is very nutritious and satisfying. Corngrass is rich in vitamins, amino acids, iron, silicon, and fiber, which allows you to get rid of toxins.

Dishes according to various recipes from this cereal are valuable in many countries, for example, in Moldova, Romania and Italy. Porridge in these countries is prepared taking into account certain subtleties and peculiarities. In Russia, it can be dairy or boiled in water, with sugar and butter, or with dried fruit. You can cook it not only on the stove, but also in the oven, microwave or the slow cooker (there are recipes for any option). If you have a slow cooker, try cooking corn porridge with milk or recipe for corn porridge with pumpkin.

Corn porridge made from cereals, which is obtained from crushed corn kernels. Preparing it for a long time, but its main advantage is that even after this, it retains a maximum of useful properties. It is known that corn porridge contains a large amount of substances that are beneficial to humans and their health. Of the most carbohydrates occupy a complex composition. Also, croup contains many proteins, amino acids and vitamins of different groups (A, C, E, PP, B), dietary fiber, carotenoids, elements belonging both to the micro and macrogroup (magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc).

If you cook it on water, the total caloric content of 100 grams will be equal to 320 kcal. If add milk, butter, sugar or other ingredients, respectively, the caloric content will increase significantly.

In corn porridge, you can select a list of useful properties:

  1. Due to the large number of carotenoids that are contained in corn grits, the possibility of diseases from the class of oncology is reduced.
  2. It has a beneficial effect on the heart system.
  3. Due to the low glycemic index, this porridge is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.
  4. Also, corn porridge is useful for such a system as the digestive system - produces suppression of putrefactive processes, solves the problem with constipation.
  5. Its use contributes to the processes of elimination of toxic substances, slags and radionuclides.
  6. Included in the list of dietary products and recommended for the fight against overweight.
  7. Also, doctors recommend including in the diet for pregnant and lactating women.
  8. If you use corn porridge regularly, the skin, nails and hair, their general condition improves significantly. Also slows down some aging processes.

There are several contraindications to use - in case of individual intolerance, at the stage of exacerbation of various diseases of the digestive tract. You must first consult with your doctor.


Ingredients for Corn Porridge with Milk:

Corn grits 1 glass
Pumpkin 300 grams
Milk 3 glasses
Sugar 1 tbsp.
Salt and ghee to taste


Recipe for making milk corn porridge (calorie content will be higher than when cooking ordinary porridge):

1. Spread grits on a dry frying pan and fry a little (do not use oil or water).

cereal on a plate

2. Boil the milk separately. As soon as the milk boils, pour it into the grits and leave it to swell for about half an hour.

cereal with milk in a pan

3. The required amount of pumpkin must be washed and cleaned, remove the peel and seeds. Cut into small cubes and top with sugar. As soon as the pumpkin gives the juice, put it on low heat and boil until ready (approximately 15 minutes).

pumpkin slices in a pan

4. As the pumpkin is cooked, put it into the grits, salt, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat, cover with a lid and leave on the stove so that the corn porridge reaches the desired condition.

pumpkin pieces with milk

5. Before you serve the dish on the table, add some baked butter (you can replace it with butter). Learn also how to prepare pumpkin juice for the winter.

mashed grain with pumpkin

Video recipe

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Updated: 20.03.2018

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  1. Maksim

    Point 2 combine roasted porridge and boiling milk, then you need to leave for 30 min, but where? on the stove? off the stove? remove from the stove?

    • vashakasha

      remove from heat.

  2. Olga

    I love corn porridge very much, and the pumpkin gives a peculiar taste and color, and how much benefit !!!!!!!!!!

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