Cornmeal Porridge Recipe

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What could be more delicious than a hot, fragrant and nourishing breakfast cereal? Porridge is a valuable and richest source of nutrients, micro- and macroelements, minerals (silicon and iron), and also vitamin groups (A, E, PP, B). An important advantage of dishes from this cereal is that it does not contain gluten, so the digestive process is greatly improved.

Technology of preparation

How to cook corn porridge to make it juicy, tasty, fragrant and not lose its beneficial properties? Tasty corn porridge, the recipe is very simple, will be a favorite treat in your family. The proposed dish is extremely useful, satisfying and tasty. Cornmeal recipe suggests using fresh, high-quality products. How to cook corn grits, you will be prompted by a step-by-step and detailed recipe, which is equipped with photographs of the culinary process.


cow milk 2 glass (400 ml)
Water 2 glasses
groats 200 grams
Butter 20-30 gram
Fine salt to taste


1. First you need to pour two glasses of cool water into a small saucepan, put on the stove.

water in the pan

2. Measure out the specified amount of fresh milk. Pour it into a separate saucepan, bring to a boil, remove from heat.

a glass of fresh milk

3. The choice of cereals is a very important, crucial step. Choose a good manufacturer, consider the shelf life and appearance of the product. When water boils, it needs to be slightly salted, add cleaned, sifted corn grits. Boil over low heat for five minutes.

added cereal in a pan

4. After a specified time, you can pour hot milk and mix thoroughly. Then tightly cover the pan with a lid.

cereal with milk in a pan

5. Simmer for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. An important condition - sometimes you need to stir, so that the porridge is not burnt!

porridge in a saucepan with a lid

6. After twenty minutes, check the dish, add some sugar and butter. Thanks to these components, porridge will acquire bright, rich colors, will become more delicious and fragrant, and, most importantly, will not be dry.

porridge with sugar and butter

7. Serve at the table in a serving plate. Absolutely everyone will appreciate the dish, be it friends, children, parents or acquaintances. Despite the simplicity, the delicacy is excellent, delicate, airy, but very satisfying.

You can add your own ingredients to the dish, experiment and dream. Kashka has a number of useful, harmful properties that you need to know. We would advise you to try cooking. classic recipe.

Video recipe

Useful Properties

Before you start cooking corn porridge, you need to know about its benefits, harm, calorie. Corn porridge is cooked quickly enough, many cook it for breakfast or lunch.

Corn is a universal product, since on its basis you can cook a lot of different dishes: cereals, pies, soups, as well as exotic maize salad. It also makes great cereals and chopsticks loved by all children. With the help of various dishes and delicacies based on this product, you can significantly diversify and enrich the usual diet.

What is useful corn porridge? Many people do not even suspect that if you properly make porridge from corn grits, you can get great benefits from the dish. In the process of cooking it retains all the healing and unique properties, as well as minerals and vitamins. If you cook porridge correctly, it will retain such amazing properties:

  • cellulose contained in croup, qualitatively cleanses the body from toxins, decomposition products, toxic substances;
  • thanks to silicon, the gastrointestinal tract is improved;
  • using phosphorus, there is a noticeable improvement in the skin, the nervous system is strengthened, and the speed of information processing increases;
  • it is advisable to eat it for colds, flu, as it helps to fight viruses;
  • With the help of vitamin PP, all processes occurring in the human body are regulated;
  • recommended to eat with neurosis, depressive states;
  • vitamin E provides beauty, youth;
  • carotene, carbohydrates saturate the body with energy and help maintain an active lifestyle.

Corn grits porridge is rich in microelements, minerals that quickly enter human blood, so there is an improvement in overall well-being. The dish perfectly cleans the entire body, contributes to the removal of heavy fats, normalizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The caloric content of one hundred grams of the finished dish leaves 328 kilocalories.

Harmful properties

Despite all the benefits of the product, it is worth noting the harmful properties. In corn grits there is at least 90 percent fiber. This means that the body is saturated, but the cells are not receiving nutrition at this moment. The effect of excess vitamins causes saturation, which leads to the rejection of beneficial components by the body. It is important not to abuse this product and include it in the diet no more than 3-4 once a week.

You can not use this porridge with duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcer, especially in moments of exacerbation. If you have chronic diseases, then before cooking corn grits, you should consult a dietitian, a doctor, to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to clarify the appropriate portion for your particular case.

The recipe for a healthy and satisfying dish is very simple, so even an aspiring hostess can handle it. Cook with pleasure and pamper your household!

Updated: 17.03.2018

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