Recipe for Milk Corn Porridge for Kids

Corn Porridge

Corn is a versatile product that is used in the preparation of soups, salads, preservation.From it make flakes and delicious corn sticks, which are loved by adults and children. Today we will prepare a "masterpiece" - porridge, not from grains, but from cereals.
Before proceeding to the recipe of cooking, I note that corn porridge is the fifth largest in the ranking of cereals. She is called "the most slim." This is not surprising, because the caloric content of corn porridge 86 kcal per 100 grams of cereals.

The impetus for writing an article was a lot of questions that I had to listen to. The most frequently asked questions are:

  1. How to cook corn porridge with milk?
  2. How many bread units in such porridge?
  3. And how to cook corn porridge on milk so that it does not burn?
  4. And whether corn porridge on milk is useful for the child?

I think all these questions you will find answers in our article. So, we present to your attention a recipe for cooking corn porridge with milk. If you have a baby, try cooking corn porridge for infants recipe on the water.


Corn grits 100 grams
Milk (better to take with the content of 2,6% fat) 200 ml (1 glass)
Water 350 ml.
Sugar 40 grams
Fine salt one pinch
Butter (high fat) 5 grams
Optional (for decoration) berries (cranberries, lingonberries), nuts (walnuts, cashews), apples, bananas.

Step-by-step cooking

1. Prepare products for cooking according to the recipe.


2. Thoroughly wash our grits with warm water until all the rubbish is gone, the husks and the water will no longer be muddy. Soak in warm water for 15 minutes to swell.

Washed corn grits

3. We put the groats in a thick-bottomed pot, preferably a cauldron.

Groats in the pan

4. Pour water into our saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir and crush the lumps.

Boiled cereal

5. Add sugar and salt after it thickens. Stir, pour in half the milk. Constantly mix, pour the rest of the milk. Bring to a boil, put the butter. The consistency should be liquid.

Corn porridge with butter

6. When thickened, you can serve, garnished to taste with various additives. Corn porridge with milk from corn grits is ready. Cooking time 45 minutes.

Ready porridge in a bowl

Corn porridge is a favorite delicacy not only of adults and children, but also an indispensable component of the diet of infants. It is the most useful, tasty and easy to digest for infants. It contains a lot of vitamins that babies need for healthy development. These are phosphorus, thiamine, pyridoxine, iron, calcium, starch, riboflavin. An important factor is that it does not contain gluten - a known allergen. Add to the diet of infants can be from eight months of age. And as you can see, cooking corn porridge with milk is very simple.

Video recipe

Tasty corn porridge in milk contributes to weight loss due to low calorie content. It does not contain fat, is enriched with minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. For those who want to receive from food not only pleasure, but also benefit, today we will prepare such porridge.

Krupa is rich in fiber, and with added sugar and butter, it is better absorbed and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. You should not worry about the calorie content of the dish. A portion of the finished dish contains 115 kilocalories.

Useful Properties

For its preparation, the recipe described above is suitable. Before cooking, you should grind it in a coffee grinder before the formation of flour. Cooking time will take 20 - 30 minutes. To make porridge tastier and more aromatic, you can diversify it with the help of banana or apple sauce.
Most moms know about the benefits of corn dishes with milk. Cellulose contained in the croup cleans the intestines of the infant from toxins and toxins.
Corn porridge for a child is a folk healer that has such effects on the children's body:

  • restores intestinal activity (constipation, diarrhea, bloating);
  • increases immunity;
  • curative effect on the heart and circulatory system;
  • improves the complexion of the baby;
  • affects the level of cholesterol in the blood;

You can safely start cooking and feed this magnificent porridge not only with adult household members, but also children and babies. Corn porridge for children - an indispensable dish in the diet.

Cooking Tips in Cooking

  1. Proper storage - the key to success tasty and appetizing porridge. A glass jar with a lid is the right place.
  2. Often burns, so you need to constantly stir.
  3. Proper dishes. To avoid burning, suitable pan with a thick bottom.
  4. If you have not calculated the proportion of the ratio of grain and liquid, and the porridge turned out thick - do not despair. Dilute with milk, yogurt or fruit puree.
  5. Want to please yourself and your loved ones with an unusual dish? Add sweet pepper, salty cheese, onions and tomatoes to the prepared dish.
    Corn porridge for children and infants - is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins, bright taste sensations.

Updated: 16.04.2018

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  1. greg

    secret - add hominy slowly to the cauldron not immediately.

  2. Elena

    Tell me please, lumps always appear when cooking corn porridge, no matter how I crush them. Maybe there is some kind of secret so that they disappear?) We love the whole mess with corn porridge, but these lumps spoil everything ((

    • Culinary

      To avoid lumps it is best to use a slow cooker. Or mix sugar, cereal and salt together before adding water.

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