How to cook hominy according to the classic recipe

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Previously, hominy was used instead of bread, especially in Romania and Moldova. To prepare it, a small amount of ingredients were used, namely, water, salt, cornmeal or grits, but finely ground. After a certain amount of time, this dish appeared in all restaurants. Water replaced milk, began to add oil and various delights. However, the real hominy does not require a variety of tricks. The taste of the finished dish depends on only two components, the quality of the flour / cereal and the capabilities of the hostess.

There is an abundance of recipes how to cook hominy, each of which has its own zest, difference and uniqueness. There is even such a dish as hominy recipe with cheese.

Hominy can be prepared from corn grits or flour. If you take corn flour for cooking, the dish is more tender, and from corn grits hominy, the recipe of which is provided below, is more porous. Remember that cornberry loves butter very much, so generously flavor it.

Our recipe for making hominy made from corn grits is quite simple. The secret is this: be patient, cook with love and good mood, then you will have the most delicious porridge recipe. Hominy is not easy tasty, fragrant and appetizing, it is very useful, nutritious and valuable for the health of the whole family. Cooking takes a little time, and your family can taste the traditional Moldavian dish.

So, how to cook hominy from corn grits? To prepare the dish you will need the following list of ingredients:


Water three glasses
Cornmeal finely ground two glasses
White cheese (salted) 150 grams
Butter November 40, XNUMX
Salt fine 1 teaspoon
Lard fresh 200 grams
A piece of pork half a kilo
Glass of wine to taste


Step by step preparation with photos:

1. First you need to prepare all the ingredients for the preparation of the best hominy. Then take a cutting board and a very sharp knife. Wash the meat and lard under running water, dry them and cut into small cubes. Pieces must be the same!

meat and lard in bowls

2. Put a cauldron or thick-walled pot on the fire, pour in water, salt it and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to medium level and can pour corn grits in a thin stream. In our case, cereal for finely ground hominy. Do not mix!

cornmeal rashes

3. After you pour out all the grain, you should get a small slide. The water will begin to boil and cover it.

corn grits in the pan

4. The next step is very important in the preparation of this recipe. After five minutes of cooking, take the pulp intended for mashed potatoes. Remove the cauldron from the fire. Then try as hard as possible to knead the gruel.

mashed porridge in the pan

5. After a certain amount of time, the water will be absorbed, the porridge will become thick. In such a situation, it will be difficult to turn it. After that, you can not knead. Remember, in this process it is necessary to remove all the formed lumps, since they are not needed. You will do this with the help of a talkie. Send the cauldron to the fire, continue to cook hominy on a very slow fire. Using tolkushki - level up the dishes, cover with a lid and leave for thirty minutes in this state.

thick mashed porridge in the pan

6. In the meantime, you can do lard and meat. Put a griddle on the stove, warm it up well and send lard into it. Heat it until the formation of cracklings. After that, add the prepared pieces of meat. Stir thoroughly so that everything is roasted evenly. Remember, you do not need to salt.

meat and lard in a pan

7. Take a deep platter. In it, rub the cheese. It is best to take salty and old, as you need a bright smell and a pronounced taste.

grated white cheese on a plate

8. In another plate, with deep sides, it is necessary to lay out the meat with cracklings, as well as all the resulting gravy. When hominy steamed until the end, it must be turned over on a plate. If you cooked it correctly, it will keep its shape and will not fall apart. Cornmeal hominy is ready to eat! Feel free to serve and amaze the household with their own homemade culinary creation. Put three plates next: cheese - meat - porridge. A great addition will be a glass of delicious, homemade wine.

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Updated: 20.07.2018

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