Recipe for cooking hominy in a slow cooker

hominy on the board with mushrooms

Recently, the slow cooker has become an indispensable helper in every kitchen. The slow cooker is a wonderful device that facilitates the cooking process, makes food more healthy and healthy, and also turns the culinary process into a real pleasure. With its help you can cook such a wonderful, tasty and healthy dish as hominy.

There are a huge number of hominy recipes, which are significantly different from each other. Hominy in a slow cooker is a thick porridge made from corn grits or flour, it is a national dish of Moldovan cuisine. It can be used as a side dish, bread, as well as an independent culinary masterpiece. Basically, it is served with fried mushrooms, grated cheese and meat. Each recipe is distinguished by its zest and originality of cooking. Before you understand the technology of cooking such a delicious dish, you need to understand what is the use of hominy.

Useful and harmful properties

Hominy is a fairly nourishing, nutritious dish, which is a source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micro-and macronutrients. It contains vitamins A, B2 and B1, niacin, B6 and B9, PP, H, E, nutrients: magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and also potassium. As for the calorie content of the finished dish, one hundred grams of the dish contains about three hundred and twenty eight kilocalories.


Hominy is a valuable find, as it has many amazing and healing properties:

  • beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and microflora, restores normal metabolism, improves peristalsis and motility of the rectum;
  • cleans the human body from all sorts of toxic substances, fluids, mucus, toxins, helps to get rid of excess weight with proper use;
  • is a dietary food product with medicinal properties;
  • rich in fiber, which is an advantage for baby food;
  • quickly digested and absorbed in the body, perfectly satisfies hunger;
  • Hominy can lower cholesterol in a person’s blood;
  • very useful in diseases that are related to the cardiovascular system.


In addition to the benefits, the dish has some contraindications to use:

  • excessive use of the product is prohibited, as it is possible to provoke the development of constipation;
  • individual intolerance.

After you have dealt with the general information about the dish, you can proceed to the very recipe. To make porridge in a slow cooker, you need the following ingredients:


Corn grits about 500 gram
Water 1 liter
Brynza 150 grams
mushrooms 200 grams
Salt to taste
Butter two tablespoons
Greens for decoration


Phased preparation with the provision of photos:

1. First you need to prepare all of the above ingredients, connect the slow cooker to the outlet. Then take the cereal, measure the required amount. Using a very fine sieve, sift it to get rid of unwanted litter and litter.

groats in sudochka

2. The next step is to pour the prepared corn mixture into the multicooker tank. Then boil one liter of water and add the multicooker to the bowl. Such actions will speed up the process of cooking Moldavian dishes.

cereal with water in the bowl

3. Send the container to the multicooker, fasten it. Now, according to the recipe, you can add a pinch of salt, optional black pepper, various spices, two tablespoons of butter or olive oil. Close the instrument cover, select the desired function. For this dish, the cereal mode will be an ideal way of cooking. Cooking time is twenty minutes. After cooking is completed, the appliance will give you a signal.

grits with water in a slow cooker

4. Hominy in the slow cooker is ready. You can file it in two ways. The first way: put a little ready porridge on a plate, sprinkle with grated cheese and garnish with greens.

hominy with cheese

5. The second way of serving: shift the porridge to a beautiful wooden dish, and decorate the top with fried mushrooms until ready.

This dish will appeal to all your households. Cook hominy according to the proposed recipe and you will love this dish forever. You can also please your children by preparing them a delicious corn porridge with milk. Cook with pleasure!

Video recipe

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Updated: 12.05.2018

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  1. Ksenia

    Pretty good recipe. Cooked once and the children really enjoyed it. The main thing is that this porridge is very useful.

  2. Veronica

    Very tasty porridge, I love to cook with milk. Previously, you had to stand at the stove for a long time, stirring so that it would not burn. But after she acquired the slow cooker, the time spent in the kitchen decreased by two. There is more free time.

  3. Hope

    The correct hominy is made from corn flour and not from cereals, I say this as a Moldavian :)! But in Russia, for example, there is no proper flour, I order myself from Moldova. And yet, in the multicooker it turns out something similar to hominy, but the correct one is prepared in a kazanchik. Try and feel the difference!

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