Unusual Georgian Hominy Recipe

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What is hominy and how can it be cooked? This dish is traditional in Georgia, is a very thick corn porridge. It is still used instead of bread in the western regions of Georgia. Initially, hominy was prepared from millet - Italian millet. Such a dish of corn enjoys extraordinary popularity and love among Moldovans, Romanians. Besides the fact that hominy is unusually tasty and original, it is quite useful, so you should know the step-by-step recipe for its preparation.

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This dish can be considered unique, as for its preparation they use salt, flour, corn flour or grits, pork fat, and also water. When Georgian hominy is ready, it can be eaten like bread or porridge. Many women who live in Georgia have been making such a delicacy for a long time. It is important to note that hominy goes well with cottage cheese, cheese, various syrups and sauces. There are many ways to serve corn delicacy, each of which is able to surprise with a new and very original taste.

If you use the traditional recipe of Georgian hominy, then you will need a thick-walled cauldron for cooking. To stir the dish while cooking, you do not need to use a spoon, for this you need a thin rolling pin.

Despite the longstanding traditions concerning the method of cooking hominy, modern women have prefigured to cook the dish in an ordinary saucepan. No one argues with the fact that this dish will be different from the classic Georgian hominy. However, your household will not be able to break away from the next portion of corn delicacy. It is important to note that the total cooking time may take at least one hour.


To prepare Georgian hominy you will need the following ingredients:

Cornmeal or flour 1 glass
Water 3 glasses
Unsalted lard
Brynza, Suluguni or Adygei cheese
Salt to taste


1. Prepare all the necessary products, as well as the inventory that may be needed during the cooking process. First of all - it is a pan, two plates and a frying pan. Send the pan to the stove, place the pre-cut lard into it. It is very important that fat be drowned from it.

lard in a skillet

2. At this time, you can take a saucepan and pour into it an 3 cup of purified water, add ½ teaspoon of fine salt. At this stage, add a tablespoon of melted fat, the pan is sent to the stove.

water in the pan

3. Pour the corn grits after the water warms up, but does not reach the boil. If desired, the cereal can be replaced with corn flour, it all depends on your desires and taste preferences.

corn grits from the glass into the pan
4. Then it is necessary to follow a specific instruction in order to make Georgian mamaliga correct. First, stir the contents of the pot periodically. After the croup will swell, you need to stir constantly, without stopping. Georgian women often use a wooden spatula or rolling pin. If you do not have such appliances in the kitchen, do not despair, you can use a regular spoon. The only condition is to mix, without stopping, until a thick and viscous consistency resembling dough is obtained.

Unusual Georgian Hominy Recipe

5. Put the prepared hominy into a plate, using a spoon, level the surface of the dish.

6. Slice any cheese offered, decorate the dish. The main zest is that the porridge is still hot, so the cheese will begin to melt and soak the hominy with its aroma and taste.

hominy cheese

7. There is another way of filing. To do this, cool the corn delicacy, cut into pieces of the same size and fry in hot oil.

hominy in a skillet

8. Decorate the dish and serve portions. Believe me, no one can refuse this dish.

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Georgian hominy or gomi is a very thick corn porridge. Despite the simple ingredients, the cooking process is a bit complicated, it looks like a certain sacrament that has its own traditions and rules. It is important to note that the finished delicacy is thick, so it can be cut with a knife. Often it is served instead of bread, as it is combined with absolutely all food. It is eaten with jam, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese and various cheeses. The dish is served with sour cream, various sauces.

Updated: 10.08.2018

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