How to cook hominy abkhazian

ready hominy with cheese and herbs

Hominy is a popular, inexpensive, nourishing, healthy and very tasty dish. Often found on the table of the Adyghe, Abkhaz, Georgian, Ossetian family. Cooking is quite simple and easy with a minimal amount of ingredients. Besides the fact that this dish is very nourishing, nutritious and tasty, it is very useful and valuable for health. This is due to the fact that in the cooking process all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients are saved.

Abkhazian hominy differs from other recipes in the fact that in its preparation special salty cheese is used, namely suluguni and corn flour, and not cereal. The recipe of cooking is quite simple, any novice hostess can handle it. It is very important to comply with the technology of preparation and act strictly according to the recipe, without adding their own innovations.

The Abkhazian hominy differs from the Moldovan and Romanian in that it is cooked like porridge and not like bread. The Abkhazian recipe involves cooking porridge without using salt, as the composition will be salted cheese. In the preparation should not arise difficulties. The cooking process is fast enough, the dish is eaten instantly, especially with various flavors and sauces. According to the recipe of the Abkhazian hominy, you need the following ingredients:


Corn flour one glass
Water two and a half glasses
Suluguni 100 grams
Butter 25
Parsley for decoration


Step by step preparation of meals with the provision of detailed photos:

1. Kashka must be cooked in water. In the preparation of a few tips and tricks. It is very important that in the process of cooking it does not take lumps. To do this, you can pre-dilute the cornmeal in water, just cold, using a whisk.

cornmeal in water

2. Only after you thoroughly stir everything and make a homogeneous mass, can you pour the mixture into a non-stick dish or cauldron. Then bring to a boil, stirring constantly with a whisk.

homogeneous mass of porridge

3. The next step is very important in cooking. After the porridge begins to acquire a thick texture, it is necessary to knead it hard. For this fit a wooden spatula or a whisk.

thick consistency of porridge

4. Then you can add a slice of butter and continue the thorough kneading process. Stir everything and stir over low heat for two minutes.

porridge and butter

5. At the next stage of cooking, according to the original recipe, you will need a deep dish. Smear it with butter, and then shift the finished porridge into it. Tamper carefully.

porridge in a deep dish

6. Cover the top of the dish with a wide plate, leave for five minutes for the porridge to grab and join. After that, you can flip the dish and remove it. Thus, on the plate will remain the hominy of the semicircular form.

half-round hominy

7. At the last stage of cooking hominy, you can decorate the finished dish using your favorite greens. In addition, take the salted cheese, preferably suluguni, slice it, put it on top and on the sides.

Abkhazian hominy ready. Feel free to serve and delight your family with a delicious, satisfying, useful culinary invention.

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You'll love it even more. oatmeal porridge with milk recipe with step by step photos and videos.

Updated: 10.02.2019

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  1. Natalia

    I used to cook hominy, but without suluguni. Cooked it with this cheese. It got just yummy. The whole family eats.

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