How to cook a side dish of corn grits

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Given the rich chemical composition, a high content of minerals and trace elements, vitamins, corn grits are recognized as one of the most useful and valuable food products. Dishes made from such cereals, especially side dishes, are considered extremely useful, so supporters of a healthy, balanced diet love to feast on them.

What is the use of corn porridge? This kind of cereal can quickly and efficiently cleanse the human body of toxins, harmful substances and mucus. In addition, this dish controls and normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood. Corn porridge should be present in the diet at least three times a week. The proposed step-by-step recipe will help you to get acquainted with how to properly and tasty cook corn porridge to garnish.

Technology of preparation

Cornmeal garnish is great for foods such as meat, seafood, fish, and vegetables. If you follow the suggested recipe, you can cook a delicious, tender, healthy and nutritious dish for lunch. The most popular dish that is prepared from this cereal is porridge. It can play the role of a tasty side dish or serve as an independent, full-fledged dish. There is a huge number of recipes for its preparation, which are available in each national cuisine. This is due to the fact that corn is grown all over the world, therefore dishes from it are extremely popular and in demand.

As for the process of cooking cereals, it needs close attention. The fact is that the croup increases in size. It is necessary to fill it with water when cooking in the ratio of 1 to 4. It is important that porridge is not burnt, for this purpose it is constantly stirred. However, before cooking the corn grits, it is desirable to wash, soak in water for 2 hours. This will shorten the cooking time. Basically, it is prepared for about fifty minutes, but after soaking this process lasts no more than twenty-five minutes.

Before you cook porridge for a side dish, you must remember that it does not turn out crumbly. Tight gruel is served with fish, meat dishes. It is interesting that it can be cut into portions, pour over sauce or gravy. If you make an original unusual shape of porridge, then you can easily serve a side dish to the festive table. Cheese, garlic and dairy sauce with greens are perfectly combined with this porridge.


Corn grits about 60 gram
Onion ½ head
Carrots 1 piece.
Water 450 milliliters
Vegetable oil 1-2 teaspoons
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon
Spices, turmeric and black pepper to taste


1. The first step is to clean the carrots and onions, then rinse in running water, dry. Finely chop the onion.

chopped onion

2. As for carrots, it is cut in small cubes or rubbed on a grater.

sliced ​​carrots

3. An ideal dish for cooking this dish is a thick frying pan or cauldron. If there is no such capacity, then the usual deep frying pan will do. Put it on the stove, pour in the vegetable oil and warm it up thoroughly. Send the sliced ​​onion to the hot oil, pass for at least three minutes.

onion in oil in a pan

4. Then you can add carrots, fry for four minutes. If you cut the carrot into cubes, then you need to pour into the pan about 50 milliliters of water and cover with a lid. Simmer for at least five minutes.

carrots in a pan with onions

5. After that, prepare the required amount of corn grits, add it to the vegetables. If you use finely ground corn, you must first pour in the water, then pour the dry component of the recipe. This is done to avoid the formation of lumps.

corn grits with vegetables in a pan

6. If a cauldron is chosen as a cooking tank, then after falling asleep cereal it is necessary to pour in three hundred milliliters of boiling water. However, for cooking in a conventional pan, you need to use at least four hundred milliliters.

corn grilling

7. Add turmeric, salt to taste, stir and cover with a lid. The duration of the subsequent cooking at minimum heat is about twenty minutes. If the grain is finely ground, fifteen minutes is enough. Do not forget to constantly stir the contents of the pan. If necessary, add a little warm water.

salting and spice

8. When the garnish acquires the desired consistency, you can remove the pan from the stove. Leave to languish under the lid closed for fifteen minutes. The prepared side dish will serve as a great pair for a piece of meat and fresh vegetable salad.

Video recipe

Prepare the proposed dish is simple, just follow the instructions of the recipe and do not neglect the useful recommendations. The recipe of cooking is simple and elegant result, so take note of it.

Updated: 22.05.2018

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