How to cook porridge with corn grits for children

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Fresh, fragrant colorful and delicious corn porridge, will be the best breakfast or lunch for your beloved baby. Everyone knows that many small children are picky enough to eat, constantly naughty and want something new. There are cases when children refuse all kinds of cereals, which are very useful for health and the formation of a weakened organism. If you use a proven and good recipe, then your child, especially a year and up to a year, will fall in love with a useful delicacy for life.

Corn porridge is the queen of the medium of all other cereals that exist. You can cook it on the water, milk or even broth, bake in the oven with sour cream and curd. Use the high-quality and proven recipe, then you can instill a love for all porridges to your baby, especially at the age of up to a year.

Corn porridge for children is an indisputable healthy and nourishing dish that should be present in the diet. The ideal time to introduce such a treat in the diet is nine months, that is, up to a year. If your child suffers from allergic manifestations, then you should not worry, as the corn grits do not contain gluten, which is quite safe for such children. It is low in calories, which helps to avoid obesity at an early age.

Before you deal with the recipe on how to cook corn porridge for a child, you need to learn information about its benefits. So, than useful corn porridge? The main advantage of corn porridge cooked in milk or water is a beneficial effect on the activity and functioning of the digestive system. This is due to the fact that it contains a huge amount of fiber, which actively stimulates the work and microflora of the intestinal environment.

If a child who is not yet one year old suffers from frequent constipation, then he needs to prepare a tasty and nutritious gruel of corn grits using a recipe that has been proven over the years. That is why baby food must include a useful treat at least twice a week to ensure a strong and healthy immunity. It should be noted its useful properties that affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system of a small child, and also removes harmful substances and fats from the body. This amazing feature is possible thanks to silicon, which is contained in the gruel. This porridge is useful not only for small children, but also for more adults.

Now you need to understand the recipe, features and preparation time of an ideal, healthy and balanced diet for the child. To prepare you need the following list of ingredients:


Water 300 ml.
Homemade milk 150 ml.
groats 80 grams
Sugar 30
Salt fine pinch
Butter 25
Taste nuts, berries, fresh fruit


1. The first thing you have to do is prepare all the ingredients listed above, which will be useful to you in the process of creating a culinary masterpiece. Measure out the necessary amount of water, milk, sugar, oil, cereals, salt.

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2. Take a comfortable and durable saucepan with a thick bottom, its volume should not be less than two liters, as in the process of cooking the grits will begin to swell and then increase in size. Pour prepared cereal into it.

casserole with cereal

3. Next you need to pour a certain amount of water, bring to a boil. Do not forget that it is desirable to constantly stir, so you can get rid of the formation of unwanted lumps.

casserole with cereal in water

4. After water is absorbed, you need to add salt, sugar and mix. Then pour homemade milk and put a piece of butter. Stir well.

casserole with grits in water with butter

5. Tasty and healthy corn poop is ready for your beloved offspring, feel free to start feeding it.

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6. If your child is about two years old or more, then you can add soft nuts and finely chopped apples, bananas.

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Updated: 28.02.2019

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  1. Yuliya

    My daughter eats corn porridge with pleasure, but I cook it not so often. It burns for unknown reasons.

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