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Banus portion

Banosh Hutsul is an everyday dish, which is prepared in the Carpathians, namely in the mountainous areas. About three or even four times a week, he is at the dinner table with local residents. Previously, banosh was considered the food of the poor, but at present it is a national and extremely popular dish. It is served in local cafes and restaurants. The local population claims that the Hutsul banosh cannot be cooked at home, as it is made in a large cauldron on a fire. It is through such a heat treatment that the dish acquires a great aftertaste and divine aroma.

Technology of preparation

If you can not cook on a fire, Hutsul banosh brewed at home. Step-by-step recipe banosh helps you cope with the task and prepare the national Ukrainian dish. As for the banosha ingredients, the recipe suggests using not only cornmeal, but also sheep / goat cheese. In addition, you can not do without fried bacon, namely - cracklings. It is advisable to use a good piece of bacon that has a meat slot. Some add white mushrooms so that the taste and aroma of banosh will become more intense, vivid and memorable.

To make this banosh real, it is important to follow some rules. First of all, such a Hutsul dish should be prepared by a man. The ideal way of cooking is a cauldron on a fire, as the dish must absorb the chic smell of smoke, absorb strength and energy from the fire.

The second no less important rule is that the dish is prepared on homemade sour cream, which stood in the refrigerator for three days. The main highlight of the banosh is that it should have a light, unobtrusive sourness. You should not use cream instead of sour cream, you get a different taste. If desired, you can dilute fat sour cream using water, milk.

The third rule is hidden in the magic of the Hutsul dish. That is why, according to the ancient legend, the dish should be stirred in one direction, using a wooden spoon. If you use a regular, iron spoon, you will not be able to achieve a suitable taste. As for readiness, the dish itself will tell you when to remove the dishes from the fire. Banosh stir until oil droplets begin to appear on the walls of the pan. At this stage, liquid, sticky porridge becomes slippery, tender, smooth. This indicates that the banosh dances.


For the preparation of banosha need these ingredients:

Fatty sour cream 1 glass
Milk ½ cup
Corn grits ½ cup
Brisket 100 grams
Brynza 150 grams
Salt to taste


Algorithm cooking Hutsul dishes:

1. Prepare all foods. Pour in milk, sour cream in a saucepan and bring to a boil. You should not replace sour cream with cream, otherwise you will get a completely different dish. Optionally, you can add a little salt, but note that the brisket and cheese are salty, so do not overdo it.

sour cream and milk
2. The mixture is stirred with a wooden spatula, the grain is carefully poured in a thin stream. It is extremely important not to form lumps, they are not needed in this Ukrainian dish. It is better to use the finest grind.

cornmeal in cream with milk
3. While cooking you need to constantly stir the banosh. Preparation takes about twenty minutes. It all depends on what kind of grinding grits you used in the recipe.

4. Then it should be finely chopped bacon. If desired, you can refuse to use this ingredient and take bacon or lard instead.

5. Heat a frying pan on the stove, send the prepared brisket to it. Fry for five minutes until golden brown.

brisket with a ruddy crust
6. During the cooking banosha you can do cheese. It can be cut into small cubes, but it is better to grate (coarse).

grated cheese

7. When you see oil on the surface of the dish, and the banosh no longer sticks to the walls and bottom of the container, this indicates its readiness, so you can serve it to the table.

banush ready
8. Serve portions, laying on top of cheese and bacon. It turns out very tasty and satisfying.

Video recipe

Using the proposed recipe, you can easily cook a national Hutsul dish at home. Despite the fact that it should be cooked on a fire, it can be done even on the stove.

Updated: 07.03.2019

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