Recipe for Milk Pumpkin Soup

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With the onset of the autumn season, more and more often in the markets you can find a typical autumn vegetable - pumpkin. On the basis of this product you can cook a huge variety of dishes. With pumpkin cooked casseroles, cereals, puddings, main dishes. You can also cook a wonderful pumpkin soup, which is not only surprisingly tasty, fragrant and aesthetically appealing, but also very useful. Pumpkin - a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It contains a huge amount of carotene. It is also important the presence of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.


In order to cook a delicious pumpkin puree soup, we need:

Pumpkin 700 gr
Potatoes 500 gr
Milk 1l
Onions 1 large head
Carrots 1 piece.
Butter 25 gr
Salt and spices to taste

soup ingredients

We will cook soup according to this recipe in a slow cooker - a universal kitchen fixture that can make life easier for modern housewives, as well as for busy people. Pumpkin soup in this recipe can be prepared not only in a slow cooker, but also on the stove. The density of the dish must be adjusted by adding milk.


Stages of cooking pumpkin soup:

1. In the slow cooker, we turn on the “Baking” or “Frying” mode, put the butter pieces, add the chopped onion, give it a chance to fry well;

sliced ​​onions in a slow cooker

2. When the onions are fried, you need to lay out the rest of the vegetables: put the coarsely chopped pumpkin on the bottom, top the potatoes, cut into thick circles, and then the carrots, chop also (don't cut the carrots too coarsely);

sliced ​​vegetables in a slow cooker

3. After that, pour the milk into the multicooking bowl, add salt and spices;

vegetables with milk in a slow cooker

4. Turn on the mode of "quenching", time - at least 1,5 hours. After cooking time expires, it is necessary to check the readiness of the vegetables. If they are cut too thick or large, then you will need to add extra time in this mode of the multicooker;

multicooker panel

5. As the vegetables are ready, turn off the slow cooker and turn the soup into puree soup using an immersion blender. You can use an ordinary blender, pour the soup into parts and turn it into a puree, then pour it into a saucepan (after the process you have to boil the pumpkin puree soup to keep it longer);

ready soup in a slow cooker

6. On the table ready pumpkin soup, cooked with a multicooker or a plate, served, decorating with cream, finely chopped greens. Cooked croutons can be offered for the soup.

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Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes (more here) great amount. If you wish, you can choose the right dish for any family member. Children tend to prefer pumpkin puree, pudding, or oven-baked pumpkin. Men love pumpkin soups with smoked meats. Women prefer dietary dishes such as pumpkin casserole, pumpkin pots and others. Also on the basis of this product you can cook salads, pancakes, jams, pastries.

Pumpkin soup is known on all inhabited continents, but everywhere there is a specific preparation. Most often it is prepared soup mashed potatoes. North Italy is known for its additives. rice, cheese and wine. Haiti combines two holidays - Independence Day plus New Year - the key dish here is pumpkin soup. On American Halloween, this dish is also surely served, though its very liquid version. But try a thick version with the addition of a large number of spices from the Australians. For Uzbekistan, the national dish is characteristic - shirkavak - this is a soup from gourd with plenty of milk. England is known for putting leek apples in pumpkin soup, and in France this dish is cooked in chicken broth and a little cream is added - fresh.

Pumpkin soups can be cooked using a slow cooker (to save time) or on the stove. You can add any ingredients. The advantage of a pumpkin is that most vegetables and greens combine well with it. The basis of such soups is not only pumpkin, but also potatoes, carrots, milk. Some recipes do not use potatoes.

Information for those who follow the figure. In the pumpkin soup-puree according to this recipe from the multicooker is contained on 100 gr:

  • 63,7 kcal;
  • 2 gr proteins;
  • 2,3 gr fat;
  • 8,2 gr carbohydrates.

If you use various additives (seeds, croutons or cream), calorie and other indicators increase significantly.

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Updated: 09.04.2018

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