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pumpkin juice in cans

Pumpkin juice is an incredibly useful product that is recommended for many people. It is important to understand that raw pumpkin is difficult to assimilate by the body, while it contains a huge amount of useful substances. In this case, the juice helps on the basis of this product. This drink has a unique composition:

  1. Pectin is a peculiar polysaccharide that belongs to valuable dietary fibers that can dissolve.
  2. Vitamins - beta-carotene, as well as groups B, A, C, K, E.
  3. The minerals are calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and sodium, phosphorus and manganese.

As you can see, pumpkin juice is very useful. In addition, it is very tasty and fragrant. To make such an amazing preparation for the winter, you can use a proven and high-quality recipe. According to the proposed recipe, you need the following ingredients:


Pumpkin two to three kilograms
Water one and a half liter
Lemon acid ten grams
Sugar to taste


Step-by-step preparation of the drink with the provision of detailed and useful photos:

1) For making juice, you must choose a sweet, ripe and fragrant pumpkin. It is also necessary to regulate the amount of water in the cooking process, since the density of the drink depends on it.

So, after you have chosen a fruit, you need to wash it and cut it in half. Then you need to thoroughly clean it from the entrails, get all the bones, fibers and rinse under running water. After that, blot the pumpkin with a paper towel.

peeled pumpkin

2) The next step is to take the prepared pumpkin, peel it, cut into medium cubes of the same size.

diced pumpkin

3) Take a pot with thick walls and a bottom, send a sliced ​​pumpkin into it. Pour some water (about 0,5 liters) so that the pieces do not stick to the bottom and do not burn, as this will ruin the taste of the drink. Depending on the variety and ripeness of the product, the approximate cooking time is about twenty to thirty minutes.

pumpkin slices in a pan

4) Take a plate and transfer the pumpkin pieces into it so that they cool down. You can sprinkle with cinnamon, if you like a similar flavor.

pumpkin slices in a bowl

5) Then you need to use a meat grinder or blender to grind pumpkin. As a result, you should have a thick mash. If you use a meat grinder, you can make a drink with pulp.

shredded pumpkin blender

6) After the event, send the mashed potatoes in a saucepan and place on the stove. Add remaining water and sugar as desired. Then wait until the puree reaches the boil, reduce the gas and leave for five to seven minutes, but no more. Put ten grams of citric acid and mix thoroughly to dissolve.

pumpkin puree

7) A delicious pumpkin juice is ready. Now you need to pour it into bottles, cans. This should be done immediately, as you remove the drink from the stove. If you use bottles, then close with tight stoppers or screw caps, and if you can, roll up with iron caps. Homemade juice is very useful.

Video recipe

Since ancient times, it is considered that the pumpkin is the great queen of all gardens. Such an honorary title is well deserved due to the great benefits that it contains. Pumpkin is an inexhaustible fount of various useful and nutrients, micro and macro elements, vitamins and amino acids. Besides all this, it has an important advantage - a long shelf life. To strengthen the immune system and maintain strength, especially in the winter, you only need to drink a glass of pumpkin juice, which can be prepared at home.

There are many different recipes by which you can cook pumpkin juice for the winter. Pumpkin juice is so useful that regular use in the absence of contraindications helps to improve well-being and strengthen the human immune system. A variety of recipes allows you to add various components to the juice, for example: apples, plums, orange, lemon and other fruits. With the addition of all sorts of ingredients, it becomes even more useful and nutritious.

Before you start making a drink, you need to know what its benefits are, and whether it can harm your health.

Useful Properties

Home-made pumpkin juice is a rich source of nutrients, as well as a real healer, for example:

  • it is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids;
  • helps to improve and normalize digestion, and is also an excellent tool for constipation;
  • reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in human blood;
  • cleans the human body from toxins, accumulated debris and mucus, as well as fats;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • removes puffiness;
  • improves the condition of the nervous system;
  • It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of such problems as high blood pressure, colitis, atherosclerosis and gout;
  • improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair;
  • cleans the liver and kidneys.

Harmful properties

In addition to the above advantages and positive aspects of such a drink, it is necessary to find out what contraindications and limitations to its use can be:

  • in the presence of severe diabetes;
  • if diarrhea is present, as it may increase with drinking juice;
  • in case of allergic reactions, as well as individual intolerance;
  • with an ulcer and gastritis in acute form.

Prepare pumpkin juice and pamper them your household! This drink not only quenches your thirst, but also enriches your body with many beneficial elements.

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